How do i know if a qualify for Obama care?


The smartest way to find out if you qualify for ObamaCare is to sign-up for HealthCare.Gov during Open Enrollment.

See our page on subsidies for cost assistance eligibility rules.

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MCH on

I’m trying to find out if I can still keep my obamacare healthcare. I will be starting at a new job. the minimum for a family, which doesn’t cover anything until an extremely large deductible is paid (You’re basically paying to have money taken out of your paycheck). However, I was told if said policy is more than 9% of your gross pay, you still qualify for obamacare. I also heard it was based on the absolute lowest cost for a policiy for an individual, even if you must cover your family. Which is it? on

That is close, it is about 9% of the lowest-cost bronze plan. The exact details are in the following article.