Just graduated and relocated from college. Have no income and not sure what my income will be. Not interested in medicaid. Should I enter my income from the previous year or enter 0?


Medicaid eligibility is different in many states. As a rule of thumb if you don't want Medicaid you'll need to project your income above 138% of the Federal Poverty Level.

That being said, Medicaid is a free-or-low-cost option for health coverage. There aren't a whole lot of good reasons not to get Medicaid or CHIP if you are eligible. It may not be a Gold Plan network or benefit-wise, but you can't beat the premium and cost sharing amounts.

To the last point. If your income amount is under the Tax Filing Threshold you will be exempt from the fee. In order for this to be true you don't just have to project it, you have to actualize it. So keep that in mind.

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John on

If my income for 2015 fell below what I estimated and I would have qualified for medicaid based on my actual income what will happen after I file my taxes? Will they drop me from my current plan this year and enlist me in medicaid? I’d rather keep my current plan.