Don’t Want Medicaid, What Should I Project My Income As?

Just graduated and relocated from college. Have no income and not sure what my income will be. Not interested in medicaid. Should I enter my income from the previous year or enter 0?

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i am scared to death to get medicare! I see my daughter who is disabled gets so many bills, she is disabled and her cost is insane denied everything she needs, and it is not working for her. She even has premiums on disability, she can’t afford anything, her credit is so out of sorts, she has given up so many times because of medical bills. Her illness is many, and this does not help. Now I am going to be 65 and the thought of some of my retirement getting taken for premiums plus 20% of bills I can’t afford, I am overwhelmed. cant do it. Right now I am not on Medicare, but I am on social security, because the states of California take your estate and put a lien on it after you die it is paid back.what a mess, the Meidacade recovery act is criminal. I live in two states Oregon and CA. I have an address in both. I take care of the family in Redding Ca and family that live in Portland Oregon with family. I now am on sliding scale it works, but as soon as I go on Medicare I lose. Explain that after working all these years I am screwed. Not sure what to do.


Some of what you say makes sense. Some I think might be a misunderstanding.

First off, you can get cost assistance on Medicare. So there is a bit of a sliding scale there.

Second, the lien program only applies to certain types of care (for example long term care past a certain limit). There are some spend down rules for that care, but otherwise the money collected after death and after other rules for inheritors, isn’t something that would impact you today even if your care did qualify for it.

So the main point, the trick would be in applying for cost assistance through Medicare and otherwise structuring any supplemental income in a way that best mirrors your current assistance. I would ask for the help of a qualified agent in this. Medicare rules are pretty strict, so most Medicare agents can help.


If my income for 2015 fell below what I estimated and I would have qualified for medicaid based on my actual income what will happen after I file my taxes? Will they drop me from my current plan this year and enlist me in medicaid? I’d rather keep my current plan.

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