Why Doesn’t Income Below the Poverty Level Qualify for Premium Tax Credits?

Why doesn’t someone with income below the federal poverty level qualify for a Premium Tax Credit?

I realize that they probably qualify for an exemption to the individual coverage mandate but it simply doesn’t make sense that if they want coverage that they receive NO Premium Tax Credit while someone a $1 over the FPL receives a very large Premium Tax Credit.

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I have been found by Social Security as disabled since 2014 and in 2016 was in a very bad car accident which increased my disability. Why can’t I get full Medicaid just on that? I have to see 4 Specialist numerous times each year and am in the hospital or a rehabilitation center a minimum of 3 – 15 days each time. I make below the FPL and can on get “Share of Cost” with Medicaid in Florida. Had they expanded Medicaid in 2017, I would not be under large medical bills which the ambulance company will not accept $20 payments as their minimum acceptable payment is $25.00. Said they cannot guarantee that I won’t be sent to collects if only paying them a lower amount! Yes, they are all fine and well selling your account to a collection agency getting maybe 60 cents on the dollar but I can’t get help thru medicaid because I make less than those who they’ll help??!! God help us all when those who desperately need financial help can’t get it because they need it.

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