what if i don’t agree with the program do i still have to join the plan? and if i don’t join will i be fined ?

No matter how you feel about ObamaCare, you still need to follow the law. That means you’ll need health insurance, an exemption, or will pay the fee for each month of the year.


There are lots of health insurance options both inside and outside of the Marketplace. If your belief system is the root of the problem try a Health Sharing Ministry (or look into obtaining an exemption for "members of certain religious sects" from HealthCare.Gov). If you don't believe in subsidies, then get a private major medical plan without cost assistance. If you don't want women's contraceptive services on your plan, then a plan that doesn't cover it.

For those that don't agree with the Affordable Care Act, take a few moments to skim through our summary of the law. First thing you will realize is that the media talking points don't match up with what is actually in the law. The bulk of the law are important reforms and consumer protections. Only a small portion deals with spending and taxes.

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