I’m a teacher in NYC who is in the process of resigning from a job where I receive full health benefits and going to one where I won’t have any benefits, as a permanent substitute. My husband and I are both covered under this plan. Could we enroll in ObamaCare for a period of time? I say this because I’m looking for a permanent position as a head teacher for the 2015-2016, so I would receive health benefits starting in September.


The Marketplace offers coverage to those without employer coverage, when you get a job that offers coverage you can simply switch to the employer plan. The only caveat is you can't get cost assistance since you have affordable employer sponsored coverage under your spouses plan.

If you still want to shop on the Marketplace it may make sense to get a Silver plan. A Silver plan will allow you take cost assistance at tax time next year using the 8962 form if for some reason your husband loses access to his employer plan and will also allow you to receive cost sharing subsidies if your household income dips between 100% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

The above being said, you may just get the best value out of staying on your husband's coverage. If he loses that you can use special enrollment to switch to a Marketplace plan at that point anyway.

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