I am a returning US citizen & my husband is a green card holder. We will become seniors (65) within the next 18 months. 1.) Do all these policies pertain to 65 & older as well? I have noted we would need to be filing income tax etc. & establish 330 days back in the country. 2.) Would we show our CDN Old Age Security income to qualify for subsidies?


If you don't have access to Medicare then you can use the Marketplace and get cost assistance as a US citizen. Your husband will be able to join the plan as a lawful permanent resident. Your CDN income will count toward your household income. Your eligibly for tax credits will be based on your household income. You must make between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify.

If you qualify for Medicare you should get Medicare instead. It's illegal for an insurer to sell you private coverage if you qualify for Medicare.

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