Can I Cancel Employer Coverage?

Can I cancel coverage after 90 days if my new employer offers me insurance?

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I am currently working as a contractual employee through a recruiting agency and my contract ends on 6/3/16. I was told that even though my contract will have ended I still have to pay my weekly premiums. The state they will not and nor can I cancel my employee provided insurance even though I will not be working for them after June 3rd.
Also the employer is trying to take deduction from my May 2016 pay checks without my consent to cover my insurance premiums for June. I told them absolutely not. But they still insist that I have to pay for the entire month of June even though I no longer will be gainfully employed by them.


Sue them that is not right, i bet it is a woman. If so they do not know how to work this new program. They see it as “illegal” but it is totally legal! You can call or isit the board of labor and file this complaint and have a hearing about this and you can win and be awarded for the act caused upon you is what i surely believe my friend.

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