Why is it overtime I try to sign up for health coverage in Arkansas keep getting people that only want to sell me coverage. HELLO I am broke have no job I can’t even afford a cellphone but several people chip in together to pay for my time so they have a means to contact me. I have to receive food from the church, been declined food stamps because I am a man haven’t had a job in almost a entire year. Now why is it I can’t get free health care coverage? Why is it no one can help me figure out where I need to call or apply? I’d be homeless if the church didn’t help me?


If you have no income then you can get Medicaid in many states as an adult male. However some states have rejected Medicaid leaving millions of Americans with no health options.

Arkansas was one of the states that decided it cost too much to help those who needed it the most. The GOP in states like Arkansas thought that small Government would work better, and that meant leaving healthcare options for adult males up to charities and churches. Enough people like you and us spoke out and now Arkansas is considering moving forward with Medicaid expansion.

You can find out other limited benefit Medicaid options here.

You can find out about Arkansas's Medicaid expansion plans here. (Their waiver is approved and the program should start soon)

Learn more about Medicaid expansion in general here.

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