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Tennessee Medicaid Expansion and Why it Matters

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam proposed plans for Medicaid expansion to cover up to 200,000. But given the history of TennCare and the opposition, expansion may never see the light of day. Are 200,000 low-income adults worth a state income tax? Until 2017 it’s not much of an issue either way. Find out why. How Would Expansion Work in Tennessee?… Read More

9.5 Million Enrolled in ObamaCare

According to HHS  9.5 million are enrolled in ObamaCare’s State and Federal Marketplaces as of January 16th, 2015. This includes 7.16 million on HealthCare.Gov and 2.4 million in state-based exchanges. Goals for enrollment were 9.1 million, so it is encouraging to see the goal surpassed with two weeks to go until the end of open enrollment on… Read More

Indiana Expands Medicaid Under Healthy Indiana Plan (or “HIP 2.0”)

Indiana has expanded Medicaid to 350,000 people under the Healthy Indiana Plan (or “HIP 2.0”) proving it isn’t too late for state’s to expand Medicaid to their poorest. NOTE: HIP Is a market driven expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare that doesn’t replace the basic program, but expands it with a unique market-based Medicaid solution for those who… Read More

ObamaCare Costs Drop 20% According to Janurary 2015 CBO Estimates

The latest CBO report is in, ObamaCare’s costs are 20% less than expected. The CBO projects ACA related provisions to cost $571 billion through 2019, that’s $139 billion less than projected in 2010 and 7% less than projected last April. CBO and JCT currently estimate that the ACA’s coverage provisions will result in net costs to the federal… Read More

Bernie Sanders For Universal Health Care

BernieCare = Bernie Sanders HealthCare Reform

Bernie Sanders counters the argument that full-time employment should be defined by 40 hours, by pointing out universal healthcare may be the solution. In general everyone agrees on the idea, but they don’t agree on how. In the meantime, the workweek remains at 30 hours under the ACA. Read an overview of Bernie Sander’s Single… Read More

ObamaCare Website and Personal Data

The ObamaCare website HealthCare.Gov does not share personally identifiable information with third parities, learn more about ObamaCare’s privacy policy for data. HealthCare.Gov’s privacy policy explains how they share data that can’t identify you, and how they protect data that can. Facts on How Personal Data is Shared and Stored on HealthCare.Gov Your information is stored under and safeguarded… Read More

Obamacare Tax Refund

How Tax Refunds for Advanced Tax Credits Work under the Affordable Care Act Millions may get a tax refund under ObamaCare. If your income was lower than projected, and you had a Marketplace plan, you may get an ObamaCare tax refund. NOTE: This article was written in 2015, but has been updated for 2019 –… Read More

Tennessee Medicaid Expansion

Tennessee may move forward with Medicaid Expansion alternative. Tennessee Medicaid Expansion would cover about 330,000. NOTE: May move forward should be stressed. Unlike in other expanding states, there is a lot of opposition to covering Tennessee’s 330,000. Officials elected by Tennesseans feel that the 330,000 aren’t worth the extra costs. What do you think? An Alternative Plan… Read More

Supreme Court Rejects ObamaCare Lawsuit

The Supreme Court rejected the latest challenge to ObamaCare, an appeal by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Alliance for Natural Health USA. The appeal challenged the Shared Responsibility Provision of the Affordable Care Act, the part that requires folks to obtain and maintain coverage or pay a fee. Although this particular… Read More

CommonWealth: State Trends in Employer Coverage

State Trends in the Cost of Employer Health Insurance Coverage, 2003–2013 The new January 2015 Commonwealth Fund healthcare report shows the ACA is the only thing curbing health insurance costs, which are rising faster than income. The report is long, but the point is short, employer-sponsored health Insurance costs (particularly premiums and deductibles) have been rising… Read More

Save American Workers Act Passes House

The Save American Workers Act of 2015 passed the House, but the Obama Administration won’t let it see the light of day. The Save American Workers Act of 2015 seeks to change the definition of full-time hours to 40 or more, meaning less employers would have to cover employees. While this decreases incentive to cut employee… Read More

Understanding ObamaCare’s Enrollment Numbers

ObamaCare enrollments can be looked at in a few ways: current Marketplace enrollments, current insured under the ACA, and total average insured for the calendar year. Depending on how we are looking at the numbers, and what other factors we take into account, the answer to, “how many people enrolled in ObamaCare” changes. For instance… Read More

Should I Get Health Insurance?

Having Health Insurance means you are covered in an emergency. Not getting coverage could result in big fees for those who wait until taxes are due. Obtaining and maintaining health insurance isn’t just about avoiding a fee, it’s about taking responsibility for your health, knowing you have coverage when you need it, and avoiding the devastating… Read More

ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Nov 15 – Dec 19 2014

6.4 million people enrolled in ObamaCare’s Health Insurance Marketplace between Nov 15-Dec 19 2014 including 4.5 million renewals and 1.9 million new signups. Let’s take a look at a few facts about enrollments to help you better understand these sign-ups and the December HHS enrollment numbers report! These enrollments don’t count the 14 state’s using their… Read More

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