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Treasury and IRS Confirm No Penalties For Wrong 1095-A

The Treasury department and IRS confirmed those who filed using an incorrect 1095-A will not be charged additional taxes based on the corrected forms. This applies to both the federal exchange HealthCare.Gov and the state exchanges. UPDATE: 2019: While this page was written in 2015 and applies first and foremost to the 2014 plan year, the information… Read More

Fewer Young Adults Rely on the Emergency Department for Routine Care

A recent HHS blog post helps to illustrate one of the many small, but noticeable, ways ObamaCare has helped to curb healthcare costs across the nation. A new study, in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, shows that, following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the annual rate of emergency department visits by young adults age 19 to 25 decreased by 1.4 percent in 2011.

ObamaCare: 10 Million Strong and Growing

ObamaCare sign up numbers reach 10 million after a surge in Federal Marketplace enrollments. A February 2015 HHS report shows ObamaCare is working. Enrollment numbers have surpassed 10 million between the state and federal marketplaces. It also points out some other really cool and groundbreaking facts about the uninsured rate (updated with citations on March 18 2015)…. Read More

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