The Save American Workers Act of 2015 passed the House, but the Obama Administration won’t let it see the light of day.

The Save American Workers Act of 2015 seeks to change the definition of full-time hours to 40 or more, meaning less employers would have to cover employees. While this decreases incentive to cut employee hours back to 30 or less to avoid providing coverage, it is actually projected to increase employers cutting back hours to part-time to avoid giving benefits, it also ads tens of billions to the deficit, costs tax payers more money, and results in 500,000 uninsured.

You can learn more about the American Workers Act here, this includes all the math and statistics we just gave you above. By reading the aforementioned link you’ll get a breakdown of all the facts you need to know to understand the issues with ObamaCare’s employer mandate and the Save American Workers Act. Read the White House’s response to the Act here.



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Martha A Lozano-Cuaron on

I love the idea fo changing to 40 hours, being a business owner, we are faced with insurance for employees plus we got a minimun wage increase and now the employees will receive overtime on over 40 hours for compantion services. Mant of our employee see numerous hours to make ends meet, however many agencies as well as ourselfs are cutting hours because we cannot afford to pay overtime and insurance on our employees. most of our employees work under the Medicaid waivers and the state will not pay us more money to care for their patients. Our state Medicaid programs are strapped for money and have cut hours to clients.