If your state didn’t offer auto-renew, or you don’t have confirmation your plan auto-renewed. You have until the end of open enrollment each year to get covered. Typically, it is advised that you update plan info, update cost assistance, switch plans, and confirm renewals by December 15th at the latest.

Plans obtained on HealthCare.Gov auto-renewed on December 15th. However, many states didn’t offer auto-renew services. If you got your coverage through a state Marketplace or outside of the Marketplaces, then you need to verify your coverage for next open enrollment! You may not be eligible to renew your plan, so you may end up shopping for a new one.

Don’t be the odd-person-out who just assumed their plan was renewed for the new year. If you miss this years deadline for Open Enrollment you won’t get another chance at coverage until next year. That means you won’t have health insurance and will owe the fee. Remember cost sharing is based on policy periods, under the ACA that is the calendar year in most cases. So the sooner you get covered, the better value you get.


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