IUD Costs Could Rise if ObamaCare is Repealed

IUDs Under an ObamaCare Repeal

Trump and the GOP have been clear about repeal and replacing the ACA, but while the GOP has been clear on birth control, Trump is harder to read.

Despite the unknowns, we have to face the fact that a repeal and replace of ObamaCare could very easily neglect to replace the many benefits women’s saw under the ACA, including help with birth control.

If a repeal and replace plan doesn’t cover birth control as ObamaCare does, women could very well end up paying more for birth control devices like IUDs.

For example, Business Insider shows that women could pay up to $1,000 more for an IUD (specifically the Mirena, a hormonal device that lasts up to five years) if Trump doesn’t step up and protect women’s healthcare.

We know Trump cherishes women, but we also know the GOP has an anti-birth-control base to please. Given the differing ideologies on the American right, no one should be confident that women who need birth control would be favored over the Religious anti-birth-control Right.

New women’s health services are one of many Patient Protections in the Affordable Care Act, that help protect patients and afford care.

See: Here’s how much an IUD costs with Obamacare — and without.

FACT: According to the above article andThe Chicago Tribune, “Planned Parenthood of Illinois has seen appointments for IUDs — an implantable form of birth control that can last for a certain amount of years — up 82% since the election.”

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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it is appalling the president would change the insurance which is in place so drastically a woman could not even get her basic medical needs met.

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