Just Waiting to Die – Story

I had to quit my job because of the stress I had to endure was putting me at high risk for a stroke or heart attack and I couldn’t physically keep up anymore
I’m 56 years of age
My job was 32 hours a week
But because of Obama care my insurance was costing me $600 dollars a month for just major medical!
No dental no eye care no life insurance
So by the time I paid my rent, electric, water, sewer, garbage, car insurance, house insurance etc, I had enough money to put gas in the car to get to work and buy ramen noodles and some cheap hot dogs for food!
Over 60% of my net pay went to insurance that covered nothing!
Now I am unemployed with ZERO insurance
Its pretty damn sad when all the damn medicaide and dissabilty cheats are eating steak with perfect teeth and new glasses and are in perfect health while I have to bust my damn ass just to eat ramen noodles wityh bad teeth , basbasd eyes, and life threatening health problems!!

So here I am, no job, no insurance, no hope

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I cannot compare the story with anything since it doesn’t tell me what his costs are/were before the ACA. Please share further information so that a possible solution can be found.


It is our sympathy for people like you that keeps us going, putting in the long hours it takes to get comments and stories like your’s read.

$600 a month for a high deductible plan that doesn’t cover much is too much for the average person. We know this and spend a ton of time trying to help direct the country toward real reform.

However, as someone suffering it seems strange that you would direct your anger toward the others who are suffering with poverty? Do you think they are the ones REALLY benefiting?

If you have no insurance, and thus no income, you should be qualifying for Medicaid under Medicaid expansion. https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacares-medicaid-expansion/

You should not wait around with health issues, you should be contacting your state medicaid department and a pubic hospital for assistance. Furthermore, there is a chance you would have qualified to get assistance via the ACA and keep your job (but I wouldn’t know without the details).

Let us not turn our anger toward our fellow citizens, let us first care for ourselves, then in good health become active in affecting positive change.


Your reply does not help much. You are missing a very important point -the fact is he has no job. In a good economy he may have been able to find another suitable job.

So your solution to his problem is the he apply for Medicaid. Ok so now he gets on Medicaid. Great, now he will be in a vicious cycle. Never being able to afford Obamacare and then probably making too much for Medicaid.

I am not sure your solution is very helpful in the end. There is so much more going on than just get on Medicaid.


Well, “waiting to die” is a pretty poor solution. My mind always goes directly to “help the sick and poor”, so step 1 is literally help them, step 2 is work to help lift people up to that next level where they are helping themselves. I am glad we agree on the second part, constantly fighting to ensure we can both agree on the first point.

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