In my husbands occupation, he is must change employers often, sometimes several times IN THE SAME YEAR. Although most of these companies do offer group insurance plans, the constant turnover results in lapses in coverage and general confusion between policies. Does the Affordable Care Act offer an option for us, one in which we could be assured consistent coverage, without the headaches of having to wait through ‘probationary’ periods and having to reapply at every different company? We live in Minnesota and he works in industrial construction as a Licensed High Pressure Pipe-fitter.


If an employee changes employers often they should get a full-priced health plan on or off the Marketplace. This will avoid gaps in coverage. If the employee travels they should consider a multi-state PPO. The gaps in coverage due to employer provided coverage aren't worth the premium savings. They won't be eligible for cost assistance, but can considering using an HSA for savings.

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