ObamaCare, Living Abroad, What do I Need to Do?

I am a US Citizen living for couple years in GDL with my family, I would like to know if there is something I have to do now, or have to take care of it when I get back to US ( in about 2 years)?
Please let me know your feed back!

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Hi I have been living abroad in Israel since 2013. I come about once a year to visit family in the United States. I usually stay for a month or a month and a half. I have a bank account in the US. And I get a small income from a book that I sale online. No more than $50 a year about. That’s my US income. So I file a Tax Return for that.

So under this new Healthcare law: WIll I be penalized? Do I have to do anything else?


I know a US Citizen or a expat, that spends winters living abroad. I was surprised to learn that Obama Care pays “NOTHING” during this 4-6 months.
This US Citizen is also a disabled combat veteran. Every 6-8 months receives any/all medical needs at the VA Hospital. Which was due to his volunteering for the military, risking his own life, and medals achieved. What does Obama Care pay “NOTHING”
I learned this Veteran pays the Obama Care Penalty. What kind of fraud is this ? Is this how the USA treats Disabled Combat Veterans ?
On another issue, is this why our Veterans are committing suicide, because of not receiving benefits or being neglected by our government ?
Sadly I also learned he is denied other benefits due to pension entitlements, his only benefit is not required to file annual taxes.
This man worked 2 different government jobs +40 years of his life. Now he resorts to living outside of the USA every winter and risks his life in a third world country well known for terrorism. If he should meet a fate of such, a copy of this letter will be sent to local media where he is from and also the President of the USA.
He enjoys the warm climate year round as an expat and lives out of a vehicle when he returns to the USA. WOW ! A decorated Disabled Combat Veteran.
I shared this with the American Legion, AMVETS, and VFW, where he is a Life Member of each organization. It was very disturbing to learn that nothing further can be done for him by our country that he volunteered his life and became disabled.
Is it true, a good soldier never dies… he just fades away ? Or does the USA just want to forget them ? Please forward and hope to hear a reply, so that it may be shared.
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Most VA Medical Coverage is usually considered Minimal Essential Coverage satisfies the requirements the Affordable Care Act. If he doesn’t qualify for VA Health Benefits than he can enroll in a Marketplace plan and be eligible for cost assistance for premiums (Premium Tax Credits) unless he is eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or an employer offers coverage. He may also qualify for an exemption from the requirement to have health insurance or to pay the fee for not having it. It is frustrating that Veterans are not better taken care of, but the Affordable Care Act didn’t change VA Benefits and it doesn’t regulate VA Benefits outside of requiring VA Health Coverage options to cover the minimal essential benefits required by the ACA. Thank you for looking out for Veterans.


If I live outside the US some of the year, how long do I have to live inside the US to qualify for Obamacare/ACA?


If you are a legal resident of the US than you are eligible to use the marketplace for insurance and can get cost assistance based on your income. However, Medicaid eligibility and guidelines can vary from state to state, so if you are expecting to qualify for Medicaid, you may want to call the state you will be in and ask them specifically.


What if we are living outside the country for 330+ days but are filing a tax return?


You take the 330 day exemption and then the 2 month or less exemption I believe. That should cover the whole year. See form 8965 exemptions.

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