No Job, Do I Have to Get ObamaCare?

My husband hasn’t had a real job in 6 years. I lost my job with Homecare Administrator job with benefits last August.

I was the breadwinner for a family of five. No one has a job in this family. Nobody,

I cannot find one within reasonable driving distance, Do I have to buy Obama Care?

How is this not a forced taxation on an already impoverished family?

What will I buy the insurance with? We have no money. None.

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under the NWO you owe obama because you are alive. Thats right jack when u breath you exhale carbon dioxide into there astmopher and shit in tthere water supply. It is a represented tax for you to be alive in there world.


Well, in my state Medicaid did not expand so I don’t get penalized but i also don’t have insurance and at almost 56 years old, I have not seen a doctor since 2008! Not very healthy for me. I only had PT jobs or was collecting unemployed and fire the past 3 years no income at all. Does money you get as help from family qualify as income?


Hello, I am 25 and I am currently not *technically* employed. I have been unemployed since July 29th and I plan to travel internationally on and off for the next 6 months. I would like to know if I will be fined for not carrying Obamacare? I plan ti use various Travel Insurances to cover my adventure sports abroad, but I do not want to pay for Obamacare as well.

blue collar slave

obummercare is the worst thing to happen to the USA in years…
lets pray it gets repealed!!!!


No, no, and nope. But anyway, your freedom to comment has been upheld.

Lives are saved ever-day, but those people are busy thanking god and don’t have time to complain online. For those who do, I think we all need to do a little better and ensure no one gets the short end of the stick.


What. Ur comment is both glib and cummunistic in nature. Please stop helping us.


Hey look, I take offense to being called glib.

… Obviously being light hearted here (which isn’t always appropriate and sorry if it came off as such). The answer on the page is I think perfect and non-emotional, joking aside, i’m sorry if the comment came off as glib.


We all would have been better off if you had left the insured alone, and focused on providing insurance to those that did not have coverage. Instead, Obamacrap screws those who have been responsible by taking from them to attempt to help those with no coverage, resulting in a big cluster fu#$. Premiums are skyrocketing while we were promised that we would see a savings of $1500? per year? And I hear you are providing insurance to new immigrants. Why is money being spent on foreigners while we Americans are struggling to make ends meat? Ah, you are recruiting future democrat voters so you can keep this ponzi scheme going. Fine me. I ain’t playing your game.

The bottom line is,insurance is much less then the amounts it would cost for even a day or 2 in the hospital.Its my opinion that people in this country are much better off than anywhere else in the world.Just perhaps people need to quit their complaining and do what’s needed for themselves without blaming the government!


In Idaho, No income. Will I be punished?
How am I supposed to pay $6000 deductible if I could pay $400 a month.
Sure this generous government will offer me money to help but….

I pay the $400 bucks a month. the first $6000 is on me before insurance pays a dime.
Its the same as having zero insurance but worse I am out I am out $4800 a year.
I don’t have $6000 bucks so I guess if I break a finger i have to go to a friend to set it for me.
Rich people have $1000 dollar deductibles
No Medicaid for me because I am a man 52 years old living in Idaho.

I will be punished for being broke


Welcome to the dumocratic party


I have been on obamacare since june of 2014 and have paid all the premiums each month. I have been without a job and no income because i have been waiting on my social security disability since then. I just got approved in september 2015 and should here from social security within 60 days. I am not sure how this will affect me on the market place insurance? Will i have to pay back or what is the law in this matter


Your tax credits are based on annual MAGI income. MAGI is annual Modified Adjusted Gross Income which includes taxable and non-taxable Social Security income, but not supplemental security income (SSI). This means that it doesn’t matter at what part of the year you claim income, a lump sum in December is the same as that amount split throughout each month of the year for Premium tax credits issued and owed back at tax time.

Your best bet is to let the Marketplace know that this is what is happening (so they can help you adjust your credits). If you currently have zero income, but project a larger income in the year (and your state expanded Medicaid) you may be able to switch to Medicaid while you have a low-income and then switch back when your income comes in. This will mean you take less take credits that have to be repaid (Medicaid doesn’t need to be repaid). Below are some pages on our site which explain the ins and outs of this in more detail.

For more general advice. Project your annual income after deductions, look at the federal poverty level, look at what the marketplace has your projected income as, and then make a choice based off of where you think you will stand on the federal poverty level. Your income is starting late in the year so it shouldn’t throw stuff off too much unless it’s a big lump sum payment.


I just completed my taxes for 2015. I had to pay back the covered California plan $1500 out of my tax return . I made more money then I estimated when I signed up and basically had to pay back everything . I’m a single mom of 3 children , I can’t afford insurance and now the tax return money that I could have used is out of my pocket . I would have been better off not signing up for the plan and paying the penalty .
This program punishes the working class people trying to get ahead .

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