I currently have jersey care as part of obama care in NJ. I am a student with no income and get it for free. I will be moving shortly to New York. Once i move i lose my Jersey Care in New Jersey. Can I apply for obama care in New York before i move? Otherwise i would have a break in my insurance.


ObamaCare expanded Medicaid, but each state has a unique Medicaid program, when moving contact the state you plan to live in and arrange coverage before you move.

It is smart to keep in mind which states expanded Medicaid and which didn't. If you move to one of the (currently 20) states who didn't expand Medicaid, and you are a single adult, you'll need to make more than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level to get access to cost assistance. This is because non-Medicaid cost assistance is offered on the Health Insurance Marketplace, but only to those making between 100% - 400% of the Poverty Level.

It is also smart to be aware that eligibility criteria like residency duration and the benefits covered can vary state to state. So ask about coverage and if you need to live in the state for any period of time before you can apply. There are certain disabled groups that are given special protections and must be provided coverage by the states (from previous Social Security Act amendment). Those whose eligibility is based on blindness, disability or age (65+) are not usually subject to waiting periods. In many states, the required residency duration is only required if you aren't employed in the state..

When in doubt you can always call HealthCare.Gov, but with Medicaid specifically you want to contact the new state's Medicaid office (and once you know when your coverage will start coordinate the end of your old plan with the current states Medicaid office).

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John ercolani on

I am still confused. My son works as a freelance news person and works less than full time so between working as a waiter in a restaurant and his part time or respondent work he makes less than $15,000 a year. He currently collects medicaid He has recently suffered a concussion which the doctors describe as quite serious. He had planned to move to California to try and find full time employment. So he is conened and confused as to how and maximize insurance coverage fork his concussion and coordinate healthcare coverage when he moves to california. Please point us to phone contactst,hat explain his options

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If he is just switching Medicaid to Medicaid he can simply call the CA state Medicaid department for assistance. They can help him to apply so coverage is in place when he gets there. He may also have Marketplace choices with cost assistance based on his income. So he can look into that as well. With that he would be trading potentially better coverage for higher costs.

Beth on

I have Medicaid and Medicare of Alabama but moving to Tennessee what do I do to get it traferred coming from the hospital back and need care asap

Maria on

I have a question my uncle is a resident of NYC and lives in a nursing home covered under Medicaid, his 61 years old and disabled and can’t care for himself. We want to transfer hime to a nursing home in florida but seems he has to live in florida to apply for medicaid, is there a “transfer rule for insurance or people disable” since we can’t care for him he needs to go directly to a nursng home once he arrives in florida.
Can you direct me to the correct procedures, thanks


Charlie on

My wife and I have insurance through the Marketplace. We will have our divorce finalized in October. We are required to file taxes jointly for our tax credits and insurance plan through the marketplace.

Since we cannot file jointly due to the upcoming divorce, what happens? Do I have to repay all of the tax credits, some, or none? My wife is leaving the country, so it is of no concern to her what happens (or that is how she behaves).

JP on

My inlaws have medicaid in Illinois but they want to visit Nevada for a couple of months. Is the medicaid
coverage from Illinois transferable to Nevada? For example, can they see a doctor while they are in nevada instead of waiting to go back to Illinois and they will use the medicaid coverage from Illinois.

Erin on

You can always use any coverage out of network or state when you have an emergency or urgent health need, however, most insurers do not cover other types of care out of Network. Medicaid is a federal program, but it specifics vary state to state because the states are responsible for administration the program and are given a lot of room to personalize the program. If they will need to see a Dr. for a routine visit that is medically recommended by their Illinois Primary Care Provider, the state may have a way to make exceptions or their Primary Care Provider may be able to provide that service via phone consult. Call Illinois Medicaid to get more specific advice or information.

saima on

iam a transplant patient and currently residing in Texas. Iam on life long medication and i recieve medicaid here now Iam planning to move to virginia. Iam concern that how long is the procedure there. because i think i have to cutt off texas medicaid in order to apply medicaid in different state. But since i have medical condition i need to know how long it will take for my medicaid to get accepted there, because i cant take risk with my medicines. please if someone have any information and whom should i call would be appreciated. i have been calling this number from days but no one answers.

Rebecca George on

I recently moved to NC and my Medicaid is out of NY I have a seizure disorder as well as Mental health condition. I have not been able to get medical attention or services since being here and am desperately in need of my prescriptions


Moving from Mayflower ,ark to junction city,Oregon , I’ve got medicade!!

Christine Allen on

You should mention whether duration of residency as a requirement is the same state to state.

Erin on

Thank you, your right that state’s have their own administration for Medicaid programs and get to define many of the coverage and eligibility guidelines. That means that anyone who is moving will need to check duration of residency requirements of each state. However, there are certain disabled groups that are given special protections and must be provided coverage. “those whose eligibility is based on blindness, disability or age (65 and older)” as well as a few others are not subject to waiting periods. In many states, the required residency duration is only required if you aren’t employed.

ake moana on

my father in law lives in california and has medi-cal he will be moving here to NY in a couple days and doesn’t want to call his insurance and ask what he has to do when he gets here.

Erin on

There really is no way to switch Medicaid from one state to another without contacting the state you are insured in. It is a state run program, so he’ll need to apply in New York. He’ll also need to cancel his Medi-Cal coverage immediately once he is enrolled in Medicaid in NY.

Dennis Deccio on

My father in law had a stroke and has been in a Idaho nursing home. He has full Idaho Medicaid coverage. We now have to move him to a faculty in the state of Washington. How exactly do we switch him over? We are trying to fill out the application for Washington Medicaid but it has no place to indicate has already has Idaho coverage.

mark burns on

i am moving to washington state from louisiana what do i need to do because i would like to have it changed before i arrive in washington state

lisa abney on

Where do I go. I just moved from ky. To Ohio and don’t know where to go to switch it. Please help..

Gisele on

How is this going to work with Obama are now, since Trump is our president? He’s all about the rich and doesn’t seem to give a Damn bout poor people or disabled.

Theresa Flowers on

My niece moved from New Jersey to Florida living with her Dad. She now has NJ insurance at no cost to her as she is unemployed. She has not transferred her residency as of yet. What are the steps to transfer insurance to Florida.

Douglas Whisler on

I may want to move to Florida from Nevada. Nevada Medicaid currently pays my Medicare premiums. I am single 62 and legally disabled for life.
Will Florida Medicaid pay for my Medicare premiums like Nevada?
Will my visiting Florida and only simply applying for Florida Medicaid cancel my Nevada Medicaid paying my Medicare premiums? I want to know BEFORE I move and make Florida my legal residence.

Erin on

Unfortunately each state has a lot of variation on how they manage their Medicaid programs… especially when it comes to “Dual Eligible” individuals. Florida has not expanded Medicaid, so the eligibility requirements for Florida are more restrictive than Nevada.
However, this information is on Florida’s Marketplace website and you may want to call them to find out what you would qualify for:

“If a person receives Medicare only, they may still be eligible for help with the above expenses through the following programs: Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB), Qualifying Individuals 1 (QI-1), and Special Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries (SLMB). To apply for one of these programs call the Department of Children and Families’ toll-free number (866) 762-2237 or visit http://www.myflorida.com/accessflorida/.”

patricia on

hello. i am a 54 years of age, female. Now in ny i have ssd/ssi/medicare and medicaid.I want to move to florida. My only problem is that what happens If I do not meet florida requirements for medicaid? This situation is terrible! i need medicaid

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You are right to worry about that. You have to be careful which state you move to when in a situation like that. Generally states with robust Medicaid programs like CA have serious benefits… but it really depends on the specific of your situation. Consider contacting the state Medicaid department in Flordia before you make the plan to move so you can coordinate coverage and see if the switch is an option.

Karen kao on

My family wants to transfer my 85 year old father, two strokes, on Medicaid from NY
to California Medi-cal.

What do we need to do?

Karen kao on

We are trying to transfer my father from a skilled nursing faciltiy in NY where he is on Medicaid to a SNF in California, Medi-cal. He has had two strokes, cannot walk, is dependent on toilet transfers.

Do I need to contact both state Medi-caid offices to make this happen?

Do you have a specific phone number for Californa Medi-cal?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Generally you would need to coordinate, yes. I would start by calling Medi-cal. Here is the contact info:

Phone Support: 1-800-541-5555


ObamaCareFacts.com on

See the answer below.

gail hudson on

I am moving from Washington state to Arizona this oct, 2017 I own a house there now .How to I transfer my obamacare insurance?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Call both state marketplaces and organize the new plan. Make sure not to leave a gap (better to overlap a few days than to have a gap if you can help it). That said, it isn’t always an option, so be mindful.

Christopher on

My question is i currently have D.C. Medicaid however can I switch to md and i can keep my same doctors since I’m moving to me soon

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you move states it is very likely that you can’t keep your doctors on Medicaid. With that said, you’ll only know for sure if you contact the state Medicaid department.

dixie Bunn on

I live in FL now and have Medicaid. I plan on moving to WI soon and would like to know what if any documents do I need so that my coverage moves with me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should contact WI’s Medicaid department and coordinate with them. Neither state expanded Medicaid, so each state may have unique rules. Generally you’ll want to coordinate with the official departments to avoid coverage gaps or other problems.


Mary on

My mother lives in FL in assisted
Living with long term care. She is over 65 disable receives SSI sect 8 and Medicare i wish to move her closer in TN. Her Sect 8.can be transferred between states. How would I go abt moving her and tranfering medicaid

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should call the state Medicaid department of the state you plan to move to for direction. It can differ state-to-state.


Katie b on

I currently live in Idaho, I receive Medicaid I have been formally diagnosed with high functioning autism/aspergers. I want to switch to new york medicaid. How do I go about doing this? Other things, I need to know?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The best thing to do is to call the Medicaid department in both states for direction. You’ll need to coordinate your Medicaid anyways.

Velia Sandoval on

My son is on medicare and Colorado Medicaid, he just moved back to New Mexico. His disability makes him dependent on his meds, and can’t have a lapse what is the quickest way to switch

Daniel Biccum on

im on ssi ,i changed states,my ssi money comes from ny ,but my medicaid insurance stayed in nj ,been trying 2 years to change over to ny ,i need doctors app im very sick please please help me .

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is a complex situation, you absolutely should be calling the state Medicaid departments and coordinating this. You should have assistance in the state you live in if that helps.

Bonnie Sanchez on

My son currently lives in Colorado and was recently diagnosed with lupus. a month ago he came down with an infection that went to his heart and wound up in hospital. then a blood clot went to his brain and caused a massive stroke. now he needs to have open heart surgery. when all of this is done at hospital and he can be discharged, the doctors are saying that he will need help with his care. he does not have anyone in Colorado to help him so my husband and I plan on bringing him to texas. I am going to help him apply for ssd but in the mean time he will have no income. will we have a problem transferring his Medicaid to texas under ther circumstances.

jesse james davila on

I am moved from California to Ohio so I need to switch my medical to Medicaid, right? how do I go about doing this
1.do I need to go into a local office or call I do It on-line
2. Is there a number I can call for move information