How do I get a copy of my 2014 application filed through I just filed my taxes, and apparently, I did not estimate my 2014 income correctly, as I now owe $750 due to overpayment of the subsidy. I took that estimate very seriously, and I tried to do it correctly.

I need to know what I put on that form in December 2013. I know it’s possible that I screwed up on that estimation, but I have to see it for myself.

I have been supportive of the ACA from the beginning; I was the type of person who needed to sign up — someone healthy, who doesn’t actually need healthcare. Now, I wished I had never enrolled, as the fine would have been much more easily endured, financially.


According to's tips and troubleshooting, you can manage both your 2014 and 2015 applications by logging in to and going to your "My Applications and Coverage" page. That being said, it doesn't seem that you can actually view old applications, just delete them in order to reapply. For those of you who simply just want to report changes follow the steps below.

How to report changes

You can report changes 2 ways:

  • Online. Log in to your account. Select your existing application, choose "Report a life change" from the menu on the left, and then click on the "Report a life change" button. Find out how to upload documents
  • By phone. Contact the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)

NOTE: Do not report these changes by mail.

It's important to direct questions like this to HealthCare.Gov. While we can help folks understand the law and how it affects health insurance, we can't actually enroll in Marketplace plans ourselves.  1) We live in Washington State which uses and not 2) As an independent informational site don't have access to's back end. Given this, we rely on community involvement to help. So if you have more direction, please leave a comment to help others like yourself.

As for getting too much in Advanced Premium Tax Credit Payments, you should double check your reported income to the Marketplace and compare with your actual Modified AGI. In order to owe $750 you would have had to hit your max repayment limit for less than 300% FPL. That means you would have had to have considerably higher Modified AGI then projected. If you don't feel like you did, double check.

Best of luck getting this discrepancy resolved! And remember, not having coverage can cost a lot more. The tax part can be frustrating, but the worst case is you are owing back assistance that you didn't actually qualify for.

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