I sent in my exemption application and received it back for corrections, I sent the document back in November 2014 but I have not received my tax exemption number yet.


You'll need your Electronic Confirmation Number (ECN) from HealthCare.Gov to claim exemptions. If you haven't gotten yours back you are going to have to follow up with the Marketplace. If you don't have it by tax time, you can try filing for another hardship exemption using your troubles with getting an exemption as a hardship.

Not all exemptions need a confirmation number, so double check the list above to see your options.

In general there are a lot of exemptions and they can be very flexible. So do take the time to find one that will cover you.

Didn't get your ECN yet? Don't worry, just enter "PENDING" instead of your exemption number.

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Karen on

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I received ecn numbers when i applied to marketplace last year, but I did not get the insurance, I filed them promptly because the representative said that I would need them.
Called marketplace back just to verify my numbers were correct, and they had no record of the ecn numbers. What do I DO? At the time I applied last year they were having problems with the website , although I applied by phone and was never sent any formal documentation. Has this happened to anyone else?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

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Just call the Marketplace and let them know the situation. They can issue you another ECN and can issue you another type of exemption if they can’t. Essentially the Marketplace making an error triggers an additional exemption.

Ajia Fritz on

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I called the Marketplace to obtain a ecn from them but they told me the ecn I have (hardship) they are unable to view. They informed me that the IRS would be able to get that information for me. But when I called the IRS I was told the Marketplace would have it. I’m very confused here. And so are both parties.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

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If you have the ECN, just enter the number on IRS Form 8965—Health Coverage Exemptions. If you haven’t got your ECN number yet, but have been approved, enter PENDING on 8965 and continue to follow up with the Marketplace. Be aware that not all exemptions require an ECN. For those that do, here are the IRS directions in the 8965 instructions:

Column c—Exemption Certificate Number (ECN).
Enter the ECN that you received from the Marketplace for the individual listed in column a. If you were granted a coverage exemption from the Marketplace, but did not receive an ECN, or do not know your ECN, contact the Marketplace to obtain your ECN. If the Marketplace has not processed your application before you file, enter “pending.”

Byron on

I’ve been trying to receive my exemption for 2015 since July 2015. I’ve sent the paperwork in multiple times and have been told numerous times by the Marketplace that it was received and is “being processed”. The last update I received from the Marketplace was in October 2015 when I called to check the status. I was told then, that the exemption was approved and I’d be receiving an ECN#. To this day, I’ve not received the ECN #. However, I keep receiving notices that additional paperwork as requested is still needed. Nobody at the Marketplace can tell me what paperwork is needed and why I was told the exemption was approved, but now all of a sudden it’s still being processed. I need answers and can’t get them from anyone. I called today and still get the same thing “it’s being processed”. It’s been almost 7 months of the run-around with the Marketplace and still no updates. All I’m asking for is the ECN number for my hardship exemption, yet nobody can seem to provide that to me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hmm on 8965 many of the exemptions don’t need an ECN. I think in the direction it even allows you to put ECN pending. May want to double check the directions. Aside from that, good luck following up with getting the number. One would think the marketplace should have it on file?


Irene on

I feel your pain. They need to include dealing with the Marketplace as an eligible Hardship exemption.

chris on

i agree i have sent and resent my application for a ecn since nov 2015 and still waiting this is ridiculous

Essie on

Both places is confused about this and when you call they just keep pushing you back and forth to each other you dont get any help and I been going through this since February 29 they cant tell me if they got my forms or nothing and they will tell you that they sent it to escalation but it takes 30 days for someone to get with you and soon it will be April 18 2016

pallavi prashant baragi on

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Chet Marlowe on

Where do you find your OBAMA CARE TAX DEDUCTION REGISTRATION NUMBER/what is it for? Does it have anything to do with the above answer?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So you only need a ECN in specific instances, the rest of the codes are provided in the 8965 instructions. https://obamacarefacts.com/form-8965-health-coverage-exemptions/

Irene on

I have contacted the Marketplace several different times for help in navigating their system, understanding tax credits and so on and so on. I feel when I ask a question I could answer it better than they can. It is very frustrating. I am also getting numerous emails to apply for insurance as deadline is coming. I already have, so why am I getting this? Please share your issues. The fact that they call this “Affordable” insurance is a joke. Who else would call a 6000 deductible with a $862 payment “affordable”?

Private person on

WOW, You got that so right!!!

Wayne on

I filed for an ecn last year and got one for 2014 and 15, but lost the letter with the ecn number – how can I retrieve that number?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It should be in your marketplace account (if I remember correctly). If not simply call the marketplace. Also double check 8965, many exemptions don’t require ECN and just use codes. https://obamacarefacts.com/form-8965-health-coverage-exemptions/

yvonne on

Please tell me if you received a response. I lost mine to and the federal market place can not find any information on it. This is ridiculous.

Lillian Samson on

I received an ECN last year for being enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, but I have lost my ECN. How do I retrieve this number so I can file my taxes for 2015?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It’ll be in your marketplace account. You can call healthcare.gov and get it. You can just write PENDING if you need to file before that.

Shannon on

I don’t have coverage (I have insurance through my employer) and I am a member of a recognized tribe. How do I do I get an ECN number for my newborn?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Call the marketplace, they can walk you through the process. You can always write PENDING if need be.

Gaston Kayonga on

In 2015 I was not qualified for healthcare insurance premium from marketplace; then I paid tax return penalty. In January 2016, I renewed my application and the good news is that I was qualified. I thought that I automatically get 2015 ECN (Exemption Certificate Number). But it surprised me that during 2016 tax return file, I couldn’t import 2015 ECN. I think it’s good idea when someone is eligible for healthcare insurance from the marketplace automatically is exempted instead sending ECN physical application. Both online application and ECN physical application is just as bureaucracy. Or just make it (ECN application) easy by adding online application “Submit” function.

Kayera on

I filed my taxes for 2015 already bit now have received a ECN number what do I do now? I think I was penalized 600.00 on my taxes for the 3 months I dint have insurance.

Barbara RICCIUTO on

I received my ECN number. They called it a “certificate number” in the letter. Do I need a copy of an actual certificate?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I believe all you need to do is put in the code, the directions should say specifically.

Joseph Wiese on

I went on Medicare Disability during 2015. What do I use for the remaining months on form 8965?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you had coverage for a month then you don’t need to claim an exemption for that month. I can’t remember the exact mechanics off-hand, but this is explained in the 8965 instructions.

Alena on

I have filed my 2015 tax return by now and had to pay $525 penalty for not having health insurance , but i have just learned that i qualify for an exemption because “health coverage considered unaffordable” for my gross income. How can i get those paid penalty back? Can i get ECN now or it’s too late?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you pay the IRS the wrong amount they typically issue a refund. With that said you can amend a tax return (but that costs money).


Sun Chang on

I have had insurance though Covered California since 2014.
This year I didn’t get the 2015 1095A Form so I called Covered California on February 2, 2016. A representative told me to send a dispute form. I filed out a dispute form on a computer and sent it on Feb 2, 2016. I have contacted several times since February 2, 2016.
Now almost 60 days have passed but no one has explained what’s going on; representatives have just told me to wait.
I was told that my 2015 1095A form was never issued.
I have to send the 2015 1095A form to the IRS by April 6. Representatives told me that Covered California would send the form in 60 days. However, the representatives told me that if I don’t receive it in 60 days, I have to contact Covered California and possibly dispute again (which would mean another 60 days).
Is there any way I can ensure that I receive the 2015 1095A form within the 60 days? 60 days will have passed on April 1st, 2016.
Thank you.

Mohammed M on

please give my ECN Number

[email protected] Erin on

This website is not Healthcare.gov and we have no way of getting or giving to you your ECN Number.

Char on

I bit the bullet last year, but this year I sent in paperwork to receive my ECN as I am Native American. When I contacted a Marketplace rep, she stated it had been received and gave me my ENC number for NEXT YEAR. She stated for my ENC number for this year’s tax filing, I would need to contact the IRS. I’m trying to get through, but understandably, the lines are busy. My confusion is, the rep had stated that my ECN would be the same every year as my status an NA would not, and has not changed. So, why would I have a different number this year, and another number for next year? Would I still enter pending?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So keeping in mind that we are a site for general advice and not an official source, from our understanding it is always ok to put PENDING when the confirmation is pending.

With that said, i’m pretty sure CODE E is the correct code.

See page 3 of the 8965 instructions: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i8965.pdf

Members of Indian tribes—You were either a member of a Federally­ recognized Indian
tribe, including an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation Shareholder
(regional or village), or you were otherwise eligible for services through an Indian health care
provider or the Indian Health Service.

Karen on

Can you expand on the answer? If you put “pending”, do you have to go back and add the ECN when you receive it from the Marketplace?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I am honestly not sure. I’ll have to hunt down the information. I would ask the healthcare.gov or the IRS directly. If you get an answer, would love an update here!

pramod kumar on

i want my ecn number


I need to get my husband ECN for exemption for members of Indian tribe, for the IRS I got mine and my children.
MY ECN is #######

Erin on

Obamacarefacts.com is simple an informational website and they have no way of getting you your ECN number. Please read the “Answer” at the top of this page for more information on who to contact to get your ECN.

Very important note though: Don’t give your personal identifying information out on random website comment threads. Not every website takes the time to read and moderate comment threads and when they do they aren’t always looking out for your best interest. I took the liberty of changing it in your comment to protect you.

William on

Our lowest cost ACA plan is $29,800 for 2017 or 37% of pretax income. We wish to purchase a Catastrophic Plan and filed for the prerequisite affordability exemption (ECN) Nov 1. My US Congressional Representative, both US Senators, HHS and the Marketplace (healthcare.gov) among other government officials claim they have no way to conact the Exemptions Center (which issues ECNs) nor do they know anyone that does. It is as if the Marketplace Exemption Center exists only as an unstaffed mail dump in London, KY. Your recommendation to contact The Marketplace? If you are bored and enjoy deceit, sure contact them. Marketplace responses range from my ECN’s were mailed and will arrive in 2 days 9a month ago) to “we have no way of knowing teh status”. Senior Marketplace management admitted their staff are all employees of General Dynamics and the Exemption Center is an entirely different and separate entity with no means of contact. And admitted that any Marketplace rep that gave a different answer was fabricating the story. I missed 3 calls from the Marketplace with a voicemail stating there was IMPORTANT information about my recent request (ECN status) and to call the Marketplace right away. The callback got a response of there was no information and no record of any call to me for any reason! And I was cautioned that once my request is escalated (for an answer) the Marketplace has 30 days to respond and if I call back thier clock resets giving them 30 more days from the last call. And it;s been 60 and I haven’t gotten the first callback! Explain all of this away for me please.

DK on

I’m also waiting for an ECN after applying in October 2016. I was feeling a little ‘exposed’ after mailing in all our personal information and called to see if the application had even been received. They said it had been received on the 31st of October. After having not heard a word, I called just last week and after a very frustrating conversation with a woman who only kept apologizing for not knowing anything, I finally asked to talk with someone else, was transferred to a ‘Specialist’ who asked if any requests for additional information had been made, which I told her I’d not heard anything, she said she’d ‘escalate my file’. After reading your comment, now I’m afraid to make another call. Very frustrating. If I don’t hear anything after the 1st of the year, I’ll be calling MN Dept of Health to enlist their help. This shouldn’t be happening. Thankfully, I live in a state where there are several who want to help people just like us, Al Franken and Amy Klobachar. You should also seek out help through your state’s Dept of Health. Good luck to both of us.

DK on

Curious, have you heard anything to date? I have also mailed in an application for an ECN based on ‘the Family Glitch’. That is where spouse employer health plan is over the 8.16% of our estimated gross income for 2017, so I would qualify for the ECN, which would also allow me to purchase a Catastrophic Plan. I called to verify that application was even received after not hearing anything for weeks after mailing end of October 2016. I was told it was received on October 31st. Called a second time after being told to do so if I’d not heard anything after 30 days, then was told it would be “escalated”. After reading your post, I am now very hesitant to call.

Loretta Sternbach on

I am Alaskan Indian, I received my exemption number last year but I cannot find it…where exactly can I go online to find it. Or do I have to file for it every year.

Erin on

It looks like they may have made it easier for you. The instructions for the 2016 form 8965 indicate that you can simply enter exemption code “E” to claim this exemption for members of “a Federally-recognized Indian tribe, including an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation Shareholder (regional or village).”

Mary E Hinson on

I misplaced my ECN code for health care exemption. Is there a way you can resend me this exemption code?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can file “PENDING” if needed and request another from healthcare.gov via the marketplace (i’d call for assistance).

Angel on

I have not received my tax information and i have moved feom the address since then how may i retrieve the information to fill my taxes for 2016 i need the id number

S. DeWolf on

Once a health insurance hardship application is submitted how can an individual check on the status of the application? Through a phone call today with the Call Center I was informed that these applications are processed through the Escalation department and that there was no specific time frame in which the applications have to be processed by representatives through your organization. I was also informed by the representatives that a consumer may not contact the Escalation Department to check on the status of their individual application and that the Call Center could only see if the application had been approved once data was entered into the system but that while it was in review there was no way for a consumer to check on it’s status as the Call Center does not have access to that information from the Escalation Dept while it is under review. I spoke with multiple representatives including 2 supervisors that were unable to give me any direct concrete information to resolve my concerns. The entire process was very frustrating and their answers vague. Essentially I was informed I would be contacted by mail and that was the extent of their resolution. I asked multiple times for more direct information but was not given any. Please advise what the mandated time frame is for this process and a point of contact and contact number that I may reach a representative to inquire about my application. Thank you in advance for your help at resolving my questions and concerns. I look forward to receiving a timely response.

Chelsea on

Hi! This is for 2016, but I got an exemption number last year for this filing year, and the laptop on which it was saved has since stopped working. Is there anyway to retrieve the number?

Gloria Greenup on

I hate Obamacare. Confusing and not helpful at all.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You are right in that ObamaCare can be confusing. We should take more care to simplify systems for the end user.

chloe corpus on

how do I see the progress of my exemption? I mailed it in like 3 weeks ago and havent heard anything back. Also, I sent in my original w2. Is this a problem?

Sunil kumar on

How can i get my ECN no.?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The marketplace is supposed to send the ECN, but you can write “PENDING” if it is pending.

If you need your ECN, call healthcare.gov and coordinate it with them to make sure you have done everything you need to do on your end.

Brianna Herrera on

Does anyone know if you put pending on your taxes if they will hold your refund until you get your ecn?

Keshav madhavrao ghuge on

Send my ECN number

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to contact the official health insurance marketplace https://www.healthcare.gov/ to get this information as explained in the article. We are a free to use independent website, this is just the comment section of that site 😉

william floyd on

its okay
i jus want my family to not fail.

Mirjam N haufiku on

How will I get if my form has been received by ECN that I applied in 27 July 2020 to work as a temporary worker in November

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The best way is almost always to call HealthCare.Gov and ask with something like this. They should have a record if the ECN.

Marcia Christman on

Need proof for tax purposes for my ACA Insureance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

First and foremost you need your 1095-A if you got your insurance through the marketplace. This can be found at HealthCare.Gov.

Learn more here: https://obamacarefacts.com/questions/where-do-i-find-my-proof-of-coverage-for-tax-purposes-for-my-aca-insurance/