I would like to find out how would or what process do i go through to get help from Obama care free medical help for my seizure control? How long does the process take?

Not to be rude but i really need help with my seizure control. I have no job because of my disability and i have no kind of insurance because of that so if you may help me i will be really be happy to say thank you.


The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) bans insurers from denying coverage or charging more for coverage for preexisting conditions like epilepsy.

Depending upon your taxable household income you can get cost assistance on coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace or if your state Expanded Medicaid you can get free or low cost coverage through Medicaid. Since you have no income, you would most likely qualify for free or low cost coverage (but only if your state expanded Medicaid).

The Affordable Care Act also improved the basic benefits all plans must offer by requiring each plan to cover at least services from ten essential health categories and established limits for what can be spent each year. That means that even plans with high deductibles cover some services for free and others with cost sharing amounts after you reach your deductible.

The easiest way to understand what your options are is to visit HealthCare.Gov. No matter if you have a preexisting condition or not it won't affect your eligibility or the cost of your coverage.

To understand what incomes qualify you for what type of cost assistance see the Federal Poverty Level.

To learn more about the new benefits, rights, and protections go here.

To learn more about Medicaid Expansion go here.

To learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace go here.

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LaQuisha Armstrong on

my husband suffers from seizers and needs medical help. i applied for medicaid for myself my son and my husband last month and have no response yet. we all have medical conditions that requires doctors care, please help

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can always follow up and appeal with Medicaid, it really matters what state you are in. In some more liberal states it is easy to get Medicaid, in other non-liberal states it can be tricker. Think that is a polite way to say it. In simple terms, follow up with them rather than waiting and resubmit and repeal if need be. No great interm solution aside local charity and private plans (including short term).

Darren on

Obamacare is DUMB .

Sondra Pitman on

I have epilepsy. my seizures have been controlled for a year now. As long as I follow my Doctors prescribed dosage of medicine. I want to return back to work but afraid that if I do I will loose my medicare medical insurance. If I do I will not be able to afford a medical insurance that will pay for my expensive doctor bills and medicine. How do I resolve it…

Joshua Rhodes on

i need Medicaid i have serizue. and i need to see a brain dr. and get test run. and get pills for my condition.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I would contact your state medicaid office and a local public hospital (and whatever existing care providers you have) to get direction on the best move for you. Access to Medicaid depends on your state and income, so that is why I say to contact and am not giving 100% specific advice beyond that.