In the year of 2014 I was enrolled in NYS Medicaid. Will I need a 1095-A form to file my taxes for the 2015 tax season?


Medicaid does not require a 1095 form. If you had coverage all year, simply mark the corresponding line on your 1040 (line 61 on traditional 1040).

With that said, you may get a Form 1095-B if you had Medicaid, CHIP, or Medicare. This form can help if you or a family member had one of these programs for part of the year and you need to file the 8962 Premium Tax Credit form for other months of the year.

Also, a 1095 may help if you didn't have coverage for some or part of the year and need to claim exemptions or determine your Shared Responsibility Payment for years when it is applicable.

Thus, if you had Medicaid all year, you don't need to worry about your 1095, but if you only had it for part of the year, you may need to reference your 1095-B. If you did not get a 1095-B, try contacting your state medicaid department and following up. They may for example need to resend it.

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Andy on

I had Rhode Island Medicaid as of April of last year because I turned 26 on April 15th. My parents did not me this year on their taxes. Do I need a 1095-A to do my taxes? I made less than $2500.00 last year and the year before. on

Your parents actually need to claim you for the months you were on the plan so they can adjust tax credits from what I understand.

Kimberly on

Good Day

I would like to find out who do I contact in reference to the 1095-A for a person who was enrolled in Maryland medicaid.

Melanie Haydel on

How and where do I obtain a 1095 for the months received Medicaid while out of work in 2018? on

This is a good question, Medicaid should send a 1095-B to you and the IRS. If you did not get it, try contacting your state Medicaid department and following up.

sanz on

My kids all had medicaid the whole year from government public assistant for tax year 2019 do i need a 1095 form or 8962 tax credit form filled out. on

No. You don’t need an 1095 or 8962 for Medicaid, only for marketplace tax credits.

Silento Spencer on

I have had Medicaid since I have been on SSI, I have never had to file taxes because of my disability, my question is will I be able to receive a stimulus check or am I eligible on