If you go to a specialist like an orthopedic doctor and have to have an MRI and the MRI is performed in that same office do you have to pay anything other than the co pay?


Whether or not a treatment is subject to cost sharing is based on your plans cost sharing schedule as laid out in the plan documentation. You may owe a co-pay or other cost sharing on any treatment done aside from essential preventive screenings.

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David Walls on

Why can I not afford an MRI under the recent healthcare? Costs are thru the roof .. and the medical field is not explaining costs when approving procedures. This is unethical and unacceptable!! Where can I seek relief/assistance since I am not under the poverty level.

Ricky Thomas on

I am currently on Aetna Health Care Insurance and I have been turned down for disability/SSI 3 times already. I was in a really bad car accident back in 1989 and have steel rods and metal all throughout my body so needless to say I am crippled up pretty bad. I need to switch to a company & health care plan that will cover the cost of an MRI Scan as I am certain this is why I have been turned down so many times and the only factor holding me back from proceeding. So can you please recommend an Obama Care Plan/Affordable Care Act type of health coverage that would cover the cost of an MRI with at least a doctor’s referral, thanks

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Your best bet would likely to be to find a provider in your area who offers a robust selection of plans and then to call them to discuss. They do offer a summary of benefits for plans in your area, but your request is so specific it might help just to call the provider for more info before singing up. So for example you might call Humana if they offer a lot of plans in your area.

Nathan Smith on

I need to get an MRI and live in 77375 zip code. Where is my closest place to get this done.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You need to check your insurer’s network and if you need a referral. So check with your insurer first. Otherwise, a Google search should get you the best answer.