Can I Apply for ObamaCare in Another State?

Can you live in one state and apply for obamacare in a neighboring state plan?

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Since my state didn’t expand medicaid, the ACA is not even available to me in my home state. In my opinion, the GOP is trying to sell us a crock of sh$t. The ACA was originally their plan, so all they really need to do, is fix what isn’t working. All of their talking points are mute and mostly untrue. At least, End the mandate if you must force the complete repeal and replace down our throats.


You can only apply for coverage in a state you reside in. You can however get a multi-state plan if you want coverage outside your state.


I live on the border of two states. The state I live in does not cover the doctors or hospitals of the state I get the services. The closest hospital in the state I live is 1:20 minutes away. the closest hospital to me is 10 minutes away in the other state. I have called the exchange and private insurance companies and none of them offer a multistate plan.


That is one of the problems with not being able to sell over state lines. I do think this is something that can be addressed in the next four years.

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