I got gold plan in August through December. In column A on form 1095-A is 300 each month but column B is blank . I filed my return and it says I don’t qualify for PTC even though when I signed up it said I would get $90 per month. I live in New Castle County Delaware and filed my taxes through Free Tax USA Does Delaware not participate in Market Place.


In some cases the amount of the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) on a 1095-A may be incorrect, you can find the correct SLCSP here.

If you are filing without the SLCSP information then your premium tax credit amount won't come out right on your Premium Tax Credit 8962 form. You can amend your return or take a number of other steps.

Check out what to do if you got the wrong 1095-A and how to file without all the information here.

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