ObamaCare Popularity by State?

I am looking for polls that rate the popularity of the ACA based on State statistics. The Kaiser poll breaks down many demographics, but I can’t find State results.

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I had a health insurance policy the year before the ACA went into effect. I ended up getting a new job and coverage through that job. However, I was still on the mailing list for the insurance provider. When the ACA went into effect, I got a note from the provider that my plan, which I had chosen with full knowledge of what the pros and cons were, would no longer be offered because of the ACA.

I am on Obamacare again. My premiums went up 27% YOY. I made too much money to qualify for any subsidies and am paying the full amount. I don’t care to pay for benefits that others might need. I don’t want to pay for mental health, feminine care, or things which I don’t want. I live in New York State.

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