I am looking for polls that rate the popularity of the ACA based on State statistics. The Kaiser poll breaks down many demographics, but I can’t find State results.


We have a poll on our site where we are collecting survey data on ObamaCare's popularity by state post open enrollment 2015. We will post the results once we have enough data. For now, why not put your name in the hat.

Take our ObamaCareFacts.com poll now and have your voice heard.  All information you provide during the poll is anonymous.

You can also read more about how our poll works and see past survey data on our ObamaCare poll page.

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I had a health insurance policy the year before the ACA went into effect. I ended up getting a new job and coverage through that job. However, I was still on the mailing list for the insurance provider. When the ACA went into effect, I got a note from the provider that my plan, which I had chosen with full knowledge of what the pros and cons were, would no longer be offered because of the ACA.

I am on Obamacare again. My premiums went up 27% YOY. I made too much money to qualify for any subsidies and am paying the full amount. I don’t care to pay for benefits that others might need. I don’t want to pay for mental health, feminine care, or things which I don’t want. I live in New York State.