If you missed the health insurance February 15 deadline, health plan options include Special Enrollment, Medicaid, CHIP, and Short Term Health Insurance.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Open enrollment ended Feb 15. That was officially the last chance for individuals and families to get private coverage for 2015.
  • There may be a short extension starting Feb 16 giving people a limited time to enroll in a plan. Learn more about this Special Enrollment Period.
  • We had been telling last minute shoppers to apply for a Marketplace account, to get a little extra time to enroll, even if they didn’t have time to enroll in a plan. Looks like it was good advice. Those who signed up, but didn’t complete enrollment, have until February 22nd to complete the enrollment process.
  • All the above being said, once these extensions end, the only option for private coverage for individuals and families will be qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period, getting Medicaid or CHIP, or getting Short Term Health Insurance.
  • If you don’t get Minimum Essential Coverage for 2015 you’ll owe the fee for each month you or a dependent goes without coverage.
  • Find out your insurance options at HealthCare.Gov or outside the Marketplace.

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