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Kaiser Survey Says, “People like ObamaCare” (ish)

A recent survey from shows that people like their non-group insurance under ObamaCare. The findings are pretty remarkable showing that Republicans are more likely to dislike their insurance then independents or democrats, more people are benefiting from plan costs under the ACA then not, and the only thing people like less than ACA-compliant plans are plans that aren’t ACA compliant.

Is the Medicare Shared Savings Program Working?

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) established by the ACA allows healthcare providers to group together under ACOs to get paid for quality over quantity. Initial reports show savings for Medicare and providers under the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model established under the ACA. Not all the initial “Pioneer ACO” groups faired equally as well, but overall…

Study Shows ER Visits Up Under ACA

A study shows that ER visits have increased as more people have gotten coverage under the Affordable Care Act. This expected short term outcome isn’t ideal, but speaks to habits of the previously uninsured, the fact that ER visits are covered under the ACA, and an increased doc shortage as demand outpaces supply in the short term.

Unpaid Medical Bills Reduced By ACA

According to HHS the expansion of Medicaid and the increased coverage under the ACA has led to a reduction in unpaid medical bills saving taxpayers and hospitals billions. Highlights from the factsheets can be found below (for a list of citations see page 3 of this PDF). NOTE: This information is from a 2015 report. Logically…