Extensions in Some States for Open Enrollment 2016

ObamaCare Extensions for 2016 – 2017 and Beyond

Most states stuck to the hard deadline of January 31st, 2016, but a few states allowed those who signed up (but didn’t enroll) a few extra days to enroll.

TIP: One should not expect enrollment to be extended moving forward into 2017 – 2018 in general. However, some states have extended the deadline for 2018 already. See state-based extensions. We will update this page if and when other extensions are announced.

Understanding ObamaCare Extension 2016 – 2017

If you signed up for the health insurance marketplace, but couldn’t finish the enrollment process in time, try finishing the process now (obviously the further away we get from January 31st, the less likely it is you’ll be able to do this).

Only a few states extended open enrollment this year. Even if your state didn’t, you should still ensure the enrollment process has been completed correctly and double check that your first payment was submitted.

UPDATE FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT 2017: 42 states extended the December 15th, 2016 deadline to December 17th or 19th, 2016. Extensions were generally limited this year, but do check with your state.

For last year, Open Enrollment 2016 started November 1st, 2015 and ended January 31, 2016.
TIP: Open enrollment is the only time you can get Minimum Essential Health Coverage without qualifying for Special Enrollment.
Options outside of open enrollment are limited to: Short Term Health InsuranceMedicaid, and CHIP.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the head writer and founder of ObamaCareFacts.com, FactsOnMedicare.com, and other websites. He has been in the health insurance and healthcare information field since 2012. ObamaCareFacts.com is a...

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Connie Nelson-White

My son has lived I Europe since last fall(2016) . Does he need to enroll in health insurance?. He doesn’t have plans to return to US in 2018.


Obama care is way to expensive. My adult children all had insurance before Obama( lack of )care act. The average price was around $100.00 each for a my three. Now each would have to pay over 400.00 close to five to have the same insurance. A lot of employers that provided coverage before Obama dropped it after. There is no consistency either. One county has free health care another on doesn’t in Florida.


As a poor disabled senior, I disdain with all my fibers in my being the fact that kids and young men and women get the privilege of dental care plus get discounts off their extremely high fees! When we, who bore these children, etc. don’t even get Vaseline ‘ the lube’ before they screw us seniors!!! Where is our dental program, where is the ‘free’ dental work dentists are performing?
I don’t get it!!! So many articles I’ve read about seniors especially need dental care the worst of all. Look, my teeth that are still in my rotting mouth, are 62 YEARS OLD!!! We can’t eat anything we want, as a lot of our teeth are missing, cuz we had to just have the badly decayed tooth extracted, too much money to save the tooth.
I know Obama and Hillary have worked on health issues, but hello, dental issues are too important to just say its not necessary!
Way to much to keep going on this, oh don’t get me started on vision insurance/coverage. I can’t see well at all this year cuz I don’t have the money to pay for glasses, holy moly, gotta go!
Help to make it way easy to get and pay for dental and eye care, please!


I agree ☝️ with her COMPLETELY!!! My mother took each of us children to the dentist every six months, faithfully. I did the same with my own two girls, and maintained that same schedule for myself until I became a retired/disabled teacher due to being a passenger in an automobile accident. Now, after working hard my entire life and being FORCED into “Disability/Retirement,” I am forced to live on a single income and have to choose between healthcare and eating. My children fuss at me constantly for how “small and skinny” I am. They will NEVER know why!!! Healthcare for those on Medicare is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE and does not cover anywhere near what my insurance did all the years of teaching and coaching. I, sincerely, am considering becoming an ex-pat and relocating to a country so I can AFFORD TO LIVE & receive QUALITY HEALTHCARE. Sadly, I will not be here to watch my grandsons grow up. I am SOOO TORN right now.


I work for an Adult Support Living company in Iowa. We have over 50 employee’s .. I need a few question answered on how to fill out the 1095C form.

1.) What is the employee detail indicator?
2.) Customer ID
3.) Do we include an employee that leaves before the eligibility date.
4.) Does the employee share of lowest cost include both dental and health?

Can you help me or an email or phone# to who to talk to.

Thank you

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