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Thankfully, my children have been able to qualify for Medicaid in the State of Nebraska. But our State does not want to have expanded Medicaid. My husband and I are self-employed and do not make enough money to be able to qualify for tax subsidized health insurance for ourselves.

So we fall into the “Opt Out” portion of America. Which is pretty much, whatever. However, my daughter who will be 19 and ages out of the Medicaid program in March will have no insurance coverage whatsoever. She was born without a pulmonary artery, is hypo-calcemic, need some dental work and sees her specialists a few times a year. Now she will no longer be able to do this.

Her health care will stop and she will not be able to get the care she needs until it is too late. I though that the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare was going to fix this issue. She needs health care that she can afford not more debt pilled on to her. She does not deserve to be dying in a hospital when preventative medicine could have kept her from getting there to begin with.

Honestly, I could careless about myself, I have worried about her everyday since she was born and spend endless days by her side just praying she would stay alive. She is wanting to attend college in the fall of 2016 and is even applying for a scholarship from the Kennedy Foundation.

How do I tell her she needs to go find a bunch of part-time jobs making minimum wage that have no health coverage anyway and go live her adult life until her seizures kick in or her heart finally gives out because she is not getting the care she needs? I guess I should be grateful to just have had her with us for as long as we have been able to, huh?

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i believe that care is important im poor and i know what it is like that the need is to feel self esteem mutual and respectfull with health care clothing hygeene and the physical body feeling back to the slik on the legs and arms back the call is not to be rotton by the need and suffering to health care and needs such as basic needs food shelter water electricty and education and job what really causes an disabiliy is needs unaffordable needs and discrimination to neglect to allow the gift of life to still be alive they may call it lingering i call it neglect to become even like any normal human race or being it is the law treatment should be fair equal rights to


If you voted for Barack Hussein Obama, you have no one to blame except yourselves. If you did not, then I am truly sympathetic.


I think Obama care gave thousands insurance coverage who could not or would not pay for it and put their premiums on the backs of the working poor who were already paying for it and now the high rates being charged are taking their insurance away because they can no longer afford their premiums they have gone up so much, me and my husband included who are also self employed but make to much for a subsidy but can not afford these rates, because WE ARE NOT RICH!!!

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