ACA takes Millions of Dollars from Five Cities Economy in 2016

Our company has tried to provide good cost-effective heath insurance coverage at minimal cost to our employees. This year to provide coverage which is much less considering the deductible and out of pocket limits went from $1500 per person/$5000 per family to $6600 per person/$13200 per family with a 58% increase in our premium – The Bronze Plan.

Our employees will have to pay much more before they receive any medical cost relief. It is clear that costs of medical services have not gone down, which wit intelligent government action could have occurred.

I have 30 individual stories of how much less our employees will have in disposable income and our fellow companies in the Five Cities area of San Luis Obispo and the reason for my story title – the ACA will extract hundreds of millions from our area economy next year.

The pain will increase and so will numbers of people who will be dropped from their company coverage and have to get supplements and live off the other taxpayers, but this is obviously the plan from the start from our current Administration and Democratic Party Representatives who approved this without reading the fine print because it was not about making healthcare more affordable but driving everyone to a single payor system – touche.

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