Laid off, Pregnant, ObamaCare Saved Me and My Unborn Son – Story

My department was laid off while I was 3 months pregnant and my awesome insurance was terminated shortly after. Talk about terrifying. I felt like I was doomed.

But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I was able to go online and choose my own insurance plan that fit *my* budget other than your typical COBRA package (which is outrageously expensive) Because I got laid off, I qualified to get insured right away without having to wait for open enrollment and I was never discriminated against for having any ‘pre-existing’ conditions.

Back in 2009 I was rejected by BCBS for my pre-existing female problems…twice.

Literally with $150 and a few clicks of a mouse, I was a fully insured citizen again.

Because of how our healthcare system has changed, I was able to continue seeing *my* doctor without going broke. I was able to check up on this little baby bump and get the medical treatment I deserved–without hesitation.

This whole experience has completely humbled me and I just needed to share my gratitude with y’all today. Thank you so much to our wonderful President and the all who have contributed to this act. It absolutely has saved the lives of me and my unborn son.

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