My husband and I are both disabled. He is on Medicare and has a supplemental drug plan. I on the other hand do not have Medicare yet. I have several medical issues and struggled before ObamaCare to find an insurance that would even insure me. I found one, but it didn’t cover much at all and was very costly. I was thrilled when the Affordable Care Act was passed. I now have great insurance and pay less than half of what I paid before. I will never apologize to anyone for having ObamaCare!

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jeremie jones on

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with obama care. I am a highschool student learning about the roots of health care in america. I was shock by how the price of the health care wen down by more than half and got health care with a pre-existing condition.I like how denieing people with pre-existing conditions is coming to a end. A question i had was how much does it realy cost and how does that compare to the average health care on

Thank you for sharing a positive story in regards to how the ACA has helped you. The ACA did a lot to equalize the cost of health insurance, so those who were healthy before and especially those who were healthy with higher incomes may find themselves paying more while those who were sick in the past or with lower incomes almost always pay less.

Under the ACA pre-existing conditions are not factored into price or eligibility for health insurance. However, by everyone absorbing the cost of this together it raises the base cost of rates before subsidies. This can best be seen by looking at price increases in health insurance from 2010 to present. Most of the ACA related jumps happen between 2013 and 2014.

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