Costly ACA Insurance Due to Social Security Income – Story

I have not benefited from the ACA. In fact I only clear 900.00 from social security a month but because I file with my husband I do not qualify for any assistance. We are being penalized for having to use money from his 401 k to help pay my $689. a month health insurance policy and to pay our mortgage on our house since our SSI Incomes can not cover those expenses. On top of the $689 a month policy it has a $5,500. Deductible I have to meet before any medical is paid. I have not used my policy except to get a yearly physical and now I am told that my premium is going up 30% in 2016 to help pay for all the people that have been using the ACA and they are probably the ones getting the subsidy for their policy. Very unfair. I will have no choice in 2016 but to go uninsured.

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File separate tax for The irs . If your husband doesn’t need obamocare, then your social security should be the only income for your obamocare !!


Joe – oh the goverment thought about that – if your married and for those who get a subsidy, it is required if you are married you have to file jointly. For those individuals who don’t get any goverment hand outs maybe that could help with premiums but all carriers ask for household income – I’ll have to give obamacare a call and see what they say –

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