Feel Like I’ve Been Treated Poorly Due to ACA Insurance? – Story

Have had lump in right breast since 2012. Had real insurance then and a mammogram and ultrasound and was told some cells didn’t look right, come back in 6 months. In 6 mos my Cobra insurance had ended. I was uninsured for the next 2 1/2 years.

Scored Obama Care Ins. In March 2015. Was excited because the insurance co is the the same I had when married. My Neurologist still treats me the same. The drug coverage is a relief.

However, when going back to my old Gynecologist, who is on the list, I had been a patient there from 1994 to 2009. I wasn’t welcomed with open arms on Obama care.

I was asked to bring the records back to my Former Gyno office from the 2012 Abnormal Mammogram at the other facility. I took a day off to retrieve them and drive 35 miles to pick them up. I arrived at my appointment with them. Instead of seeing my Dr they set me up with his PA, who I had never seen before. They were pleasant enough, but things weren’t the same. The PA reviewed the CD and didn’t really examine my breast. She said she didn’t need to, she had seen it on the CD and it needed to be taken care of. Then she proceeded to talk to me about my insurance being Obama Care and that any Oncologist owned by Northside Hospital would treat me and that went for any Dr owned by Northside. I did appreciate that information. I was told they would scan the written info that came with my file and they kept the CDs. I was then sent down to the office that set up surgeries and procedures.

That lady made it sound urgent, but I couldn’t do it the next week because of my daughters appointment so I scheduled for 2 weeks out.

I arrived at the breast center at 12:50. I was supposed to be there at 1:00pm fir a 1:30 procedure. All was going smoothly. I got called back. The lady asked me if I wore deodorant, I told her I did but she didn’t give me a wipe. So I got my own. Others were brought back and were quickly taken back.

Waited…finally they came to get me, they had no record of the CD or any news of it from the Drs office. When the Dr office looked for it they claimed they couldnt find it. So, during this time I was made to sit in that wsiting room again. About 2:20 I decided at 3:00 I was getting dressed and keaving. Soin after that they came and got me. Still no CD.

They did a regular mammogram. Set me back in the same waiting room. I think this tech felt sorry for me , she gave me a warm blanket. Then a little later they cme back and did more mammo in my right breast, which I expected. Waited again. Then they came and got me for Ultrasound. Then the Dr came in to tell me there is nothing there, although, I still have a lump and my breast hurts worse than ever. I can’t help but wonder if I was somehow team railroaded here so as not get the care I need. I don’t know where to turn or who to trust. That was a Gyno that had done 7 surgeries in me and delivered my youngest infertility baby. I am bewildered by this Obama Care.

I had another horrible experience with an Urgent Care clinic in April.

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This isn’t the first story we have heard that revolves around someone being treated poorly due to having “ObamaCare” insurance. On one hand this is BS as there is essentially no such thing as “ObamaCare” insurance (only private insurance that qualifies for cost assistance or Medicaid) on the other hand, here we are.

Not sure what to say, but thank you for sharing. If enough people share stories we can get to the bottom of things and hold institutions and insurers accountable if need be. That being said, we are an independent site. So complaints should always go through the correct channels. http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/office/

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