Two years prior to the start of the Affordable Care Act, my health insurance premiums were raised by 40% each year for no reason, 20% each year. I was told by the insurance representative that it had nothing to do with my personal policy but instead that the industry was readying itself for the approaching ACA. My deductible also increased from 1000 to 5000 and finally to 10,000 dollars. My husband, who works part-time and will be 60 this year, is unable to afford insurance. So the first year, he paid the penalty, which was much less than $6000.00 a year. This year, he has signed on with a Christian Co-op feeling he would rather give his money to people like himself who struggle to make ends meet and can’t afford insurance, knowing he is helping others this way than to the government. I feel this is a TAX burden added to the middle class. And it’s taxation without representation. When will we wake up and see this isn’t working. I’m guessing you won’t publish this because it doesn’t support your agenda but one can only hope that those of us whom this law has hurt will be heard.

What do you think?

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We actually publish everything that isn’t mean spirited. Our “agenda” is to spread truth, truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s typically constructive. As a person who has religious beliefs we assume you are on the same page as us… “tens of millions of uninsured Americans is unacceptable, America needed a solution to care for our poorest and our sick.” We think the ACA was a good solution, but we know that more needs to be done.

Keep in mind that everyone has the choice of choosing a Health Sharing Ministry as “minimum essential coverage” under the ACA. This means members of a qualifying ministry don’t owe the fee and don’t need other coverage. Of course they tend to be exclusives groups that don’t let people in who don’t share their beliefs. So we need inclusive groups like the exchanges and Medicaid where ALL Americans have equal access. Glad you found an ACA solution that works for you, middle class is important, but so are the other “classes”, we can’t just support one group, we have to do the right thing and support them all.

Jeff Lowrie on

So how are you relating the price hike by standard insurance to the ACA? Have you ever called to compare prices at all ?
I was paying, prior to the ACA, almost 400$ a week on a corporate umbrella plan ,1600$ a month. Also had a 6000$ deductible. However, when I broke my neck at work and wound up out of work on a comp claim. A COBRA plan was a 1000 and that was with a discount via the company.
Being on disability through Aarp without having to have a rider for a previous condition, I’ve saved thousands. Without the ACA and the preexisting condition clause, many more people would not have insurance or would have been priced out of range. Let’s not forget that insurance companies now have to use 80% of what you pay them, or give it back to you as overcharges.
By the way, whatever it is being paid to the government, is in turn paying for the 18 million nationwide on medicade. The poorest of the poor, and not some local charity that may , or may not , be all its supposed to be.