Obamacare, and Restrictions for Immigrants, Have Treated This Son of a Military Man Terrible Story

This is truly pathetic in how my Government has let me down, the son of a military man. I was born in Germany in 1956 where my father was stationed and came to the U.S. when I was one year old. Unfortunately the German Consulant no longer keeps records of births and the State Department apparently can’t find mine either. I was kicked off Obamacare in 2014 because they said I wasn’t a U.S. Citizen. The same thing has happened again except now I have the option to pay full price for insurance at over $600 a month. No subsidies. I earn just $800 and have epilepsy. I can’t afford the full price and now will be hit with a penalty of 2 percent of my income. I have a letter from Social Security stating I am a U.S. Citizen but they won’t accept it as proof. Thanks Obamacare for nothing.

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ObamaCare costs for the Medicaid expansion and the taxpayer subsidized exchanges will rise from about $35 billion last year, to $77 billion this fiscal year, and to an expected $116 billion in 2016. So in three years ObamaCare outlays will have tripled. Only in Washington would this be considered controlling costs.by Forbes


Controlling costs is a concept that applies to the healthcare sector as a whole, it’s not something that applies directly to premiums in all regions immediately (without cost assistance). Health insurance is a complex and nuanced web of factors.


Wouldn’t the military have a record of your birth? There is a full list of the types of documents you could provide. Here’s the link https://www.healthcare.gov/help/how-do-i-resolve-an-inconsistency/

If you don’t make enough to file taxes you will not pay any fines. You can always appeal or file for an exemption(insurance was dropped). Here’s the link: https://www.healthcare.gov/fees-exemptions/exemptions-from-the-fee/


It does sound like a pain and it is truly unfortunate you are unable to obtain insurance. However, you shouldn’t be hit with a penalty if a) they think you aren’t a citizen, and b) if the cost of insurance is over something like 8% of your income which it sounds like it would be.

Meanwhile, there must be a way to straighten out the citizenship claim.


Even if German birth records are lost, wouldn’t the United States have record of when you became a naturalized citizen? As a citizen, you have a Social Security Card, right? Sounds like these problems, although annoying, are resolvable.

Is the 2% of your income penalty ($192) used for payment of the Affordable Healthcare Insurance that you would obtain in lieu of purchasing privately?

Your predicament is unfortunate, but does not seem hopeless….keep working on it.

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