I Was Really Hoping This Would Be Great Story

I signed up for health care well had to do application over phone as my site on internet was locked and couldn’t get unlocked so did over the phone I was so excited insurance for 50 dollars a month knew was too good to be true.

I had to cancel in October thru December couldn’t afford last few months.

I had $1400 refund coming but IRS took my refund, I should not have signed up paid penalty and would have got decent refund, instead of nothing it would have only cost me a couple hundred not to sign up.

I haven’t had insurance for years anyway needless to say did not sign up this year.

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I was just reading on this site trying to gather information on maximum hours for a substitute teacher under Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. I really did not want to comment but could not restrain myself.

There is nowhere right now that it would cost a $1400.00 penalty for one person under this Act. I just know that for those that do not like the idea of this act or are having difficulties, there will be drama attached to partly true stories. This happens all over the place for those who would rather exaggerate the truth then accept the some responsibility.

I wish no ill will towards anyone, but it would help to accept your role in what happens and then you can tackle the other 50-75% of what happens more easily. That’s all!


Everyday a new rule or policy changed, every time I called someone told me something different. Every time we were told to mail something, or upload a document…it always vanished like magic. Our rates went up 5 times in in 5 months….my wife was even kicked off the policy because they said there computed said she was not a America,,,,lmao her last name is Jones…she was born in Texas and father is a war vet…..lmfao every time we opened the mail we were scared of what kind of drama would be coming from either Blue cross, or the Market place,,,,we could not take the stress….we had to cancel……


Wait, how is it that you could qualify for $50 a month coverage than owe back $1,400? You would have had to make over 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. Or you made over 300% and also owed the $95 fee? Must be missing something here.

Also remember, the fee increases each year. Having health insurance isn’t about using it to it’s max. It’s about getting preventive services and whatever else you need, and then being glad you didn’t have to use it.

Not trying to be unsympathetic, just a little confused as to how this story played out like this?



Obviously being a responsible citizen does not drive her morals as does the tax refund check. I am sure the tax refund was garnished as partial payment for the guarantee of health care insurance. They DID NOT take her check, she paid for services rendered. As for NOT continuing to pay fore health insurance while you are employed, the law should allow health care professionals to turn anyone away from treatment who has not made the attempt to do their part in being responsible for medical expenses. No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – if you’re not paying for you, I am!



Wow, hope you don’t fall on short times! Or better yet hope you don’t fall at all, cause your story will be worse than this. Heed this, make sure you don’t live in a glass house! But it’s obvious you are casting stones as you do live in a glass house. Picture Perfect aren’t you? Hum, the way the healthcare law is written, yep you are paying for those less fortunate than yourself. Which president did you vote for? Really doesn’t matter, this was coming before Obama was even in office. It was not a aftermath thought for this office

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