Premiums Went Down After a Layoff

I enrolled in the ACA during the first year. At the time I was earning a salary of $45,000.00. The premiums for myself and my daughter were just under $350.00 which I felt was affordable given the fact that I am in my mid fifties.

I was laid off from my job and immediately went to the site to report that income change. My premiums dropped down to below $5.00. That would not have happened in the private insurance industry. I seriously doubt that I could have called any of the insurance agencies and tell them about my misfortune, and then have them respond by lowering my premiums so that I could afford to continue to pay for my premiums.

I have used my insurance many times for my daughter at her pediatricians office and have never had an instance where it wasn’t accepted. While I do not think this is the best our country could do in terms of health coverage, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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All Well, That Ends Well……great outcome, congrats.

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