I am a single, female, non-smoker, 28 years old, living in Austin, TX, and I went to United Healthcare for coverage. I haven’t had a job since March 2014 and am currently still unemployed though am planning to find a job soon. The UHC website told me I could get a Gold plan for a monthly premium of $92.84 (down from $245.00). Great!

I applied on healthcare.gov, and was told I was NOT eligible for a subsidy, but rather would have to pay full price for the insurance plan ($245.00).

My question is, how can someone who has not had income since March 2014 not be eligible for any help whatsoever? It seems everyone else is getting a subsidy but I am not allowed help even though I’ve had no income for almost a year.


The reason why you aren't eligible for a subsidy is that Texas did not expand medicaid, thus you are falling in "the medicaid gap".  You can view this question to learn more about the options for those falling in the medicaid gap.

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