I am 26 years old an I’m enrolled full time at my university. Part of my enrollment cost is full use of the university medical infirmary services. Does this qualify to not be charged on my taxes as health insurance, if so what documentation do I need to provide to the IRS as proof of coverage?


A student health plan counts as Minimum Essential Coverage for ObamaCare if it's fully insured or self insured, paying for university medical or counseling services doesn't necessarily count as a student plan (although it may go hand-in-hand with a plan).

If you are unsure if you have a student plan or are just simply paying for use of the medical facilities you'll want to double check with the school. Schools will typically always offer a student plan option. If you don't have a student option you can look into coverage through your family, Medicaid, and/or the Marketplace.

It should be noted that don't need to prove you had coverage when you file your taxes, you simply need to attest to having coverage for each month you had coverage. Despite this providers of insurance will provide a 1095 form showing coverage starting on 2015 plans (and 2014 Marketplace plans).

One last note, if a student plan is self insured than it doesn't necessary have to offer the new benefits, rights, and protections of the ACA despite it protecting you from the fee. If that plan doesn't provide contraceptive services than a third party will administer secondary contraceptive only coverage at no extra charge.

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Ruth Matoto on

What options are available for those w/o health insurance having missed open season enrollment and do not have a qualifying event for special enrollment?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Best place to start is to apply for Medicaid, if you just want temporary coverage you can go with short term (although it won’t save you from the fee).

No other real good options aside paying the fee and making sure you are squared up for next year starting in November.