I recently had dual coverage at a new job until I accidentally cancelled not 1 plan but both! I had Obamacare AND my new job’s minimal essential coverage plan they offered to me when I was hired. I was going to compare both and decide. When I realized my Obamacare plan was the best plan I decided to cancel the Essential Staff Care MEC plan at work. I called, gave my ss# instead of my card number and , thinking I called the correct plan , vehemently cancelled. I didn’t realize I cancelled my BCBS Obamacare plan until a letter arrived in the mail on Valentines day 2019. I immediately called thinking it was fraud! I even had an escalation case set up in fear. I decided to back up my word and looked at my phone for outgoing calls. I then saw the worst thing: I saved Obamacare’s number as “MEC” plan in my phone. It was me that cancelled the incorrect plan. Trying to correct my wrong, I made sure to find the Essential staff care card & phone number and cancel the plan I wanted too in the first place, to find out that Obamacare wouldn’t accept me back! I’ve made payments on time for over a year, made an honest mistake and figured it out within 10days (when I received the letter). I’m not sure what to do. I started a case. I’ve escalated it. I’ve told my story. I’m at a dead end.


If you cancel a plan by mistake, the best thing to do is to quickly appeal. In many cases appealing a health insurance decision or marketplace decision will lead to a resolution in favor of the customer.

Learn about your appeal rights.

With that said, technically if you cancel a plan or if you go long enough without payment, the insurer is in their right to not reinstate the plan.

Still, I am frankly surprised that they gave you such a hard time due to the fact that it was cancelled in error and moved to correct it so quickly. However, from what I understand, your best bet is to keep appealing directly to the insurer. Also, if you bought it via the marketplace (which I am assuming you did), you should also be in contact with the marketplace explaining the situation.

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