My husband passed away last May of 2014. We have been covered by my husband’s insurance since his death but that will end June 1, 2015. I need help or direction as to what to do for insurance coverage for my family. The demographics of my family are: me, spouse 54, daughter married 24 full time student, daughter 21 full time student, son 16 with severe Crohn’s disease. Recently had a colectomy. Has a stoma needs ostomy supplies regularly.


Your insurance choices depend upon income. Given your situation you should find an affordable plan at HealthCare.Gov. When you choose a plan, aim for a silver plan with good cost sharing and a low out-of-pocket maximum. You can get cost assistance for anyone you claim on your tax returns.

Sorry to hear about your loss, we sincerely hope that cost assistance and the new benefits can help ease the transition.

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chris on

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My dad died a week ago, and lived in America for 20 years, for some time before his death he wasn’t able to speak, so I dont’t know if he had health insurance, I live in Poland.Please let me know how can I find out if he had an Obamacare? I don’t have any money to arrange the funeral.
Thank You for your help.

Jeanine Gleba on

After a search this was the only question that touched on coverage of ostomy supplies under Obamacare. Once and for all are ostomy supplies clearly defined as an Essential Health Benefit? What terminology do they fall under such as durable medical equipment, prosthetic (as defined by SS Act), medical supplies or Chronic Disease Management? Where can I find a complete list of ostomy supply coverage for each state under the ACA? Has the Dept. of Health finally fully defined the EHBs?

This person needed help finding an insurance plan specifically ensuring coverage of ostomy supplies. Your answer did not help and this website has no information on ACA ostomy supply coverage and the website doesn’t help either. Very frustrating. Google search didn’t help either.