US Veterans, does VA Coverage Count?

I am a US Army veteran who served four years honorably and I don’t have any type of disability. Am I eligible as a vet to be exempt from having to face penalties for not having insurance? I receive all medical attention through the VA at no cost, so I really have no need for any type of health insurance coverage.

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If the answer could have been any honorably discharged veteran, has minimum essential coverage would be clearer.


Thank you. The way it is phrased by the IRS is: Comprehensive health care programs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Also, Certain coverages that may provide limited benefits don’t count (although there was an exemption for 2014 taken on the 8965 – Exemptions form:

– Space available TRICARE coverage provided under chapter 55 of title 10 of the United States Code for individuals who are not eligible for TRICARE coverage for health services from private sector providers*
– Line of duty TRICARE coverage provided under chapter 55 of title 10 of the United States Code*
– AmeriCorps coverage for those serving in programs receiving AmeriCorps State and National grants
– AfterCorps coverage purchased by returning members of the PeaceCorps

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