My husband is starting a new job and will have a three month probation period where he won’t be insured. Can he be penalized for this lapse?


A person who doesn't have health coverage can be penalized during the three month probation period, or waiting period. 90 days is the maximum waiting period for employers, and each individual gets a less than three month gap each year without coverage. If they have coverage for even one day in a month it counts as being covered. So you'll actually need to look at the number of days in the month and make a determination that the 90 day waiting period won't result in 3 or more months in a year without coverage. If it does then you should get another type of coverage in the meantime, talk to your employer, look into exemptions, or be prepared to pay the fee for any month over three or more months.

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lisa on

I had my 90 day review a month late and they put me on another 90 day probation but told me they were taking my insurance away until I was done can they do that?

Tyrone Reid on

I worked pest control in Maryland after my 90 days I still wasn’t on the insurance until I got hurt on the job.two months later. What am I to do on

That is a sticky situation, I would go with local legal counsel first. This is their area of expertise. As for the health insurance part, it is very dependent on the specifics of the situation. You might qualify for special enrollment if you were cheated by the employer, but if you missed some fine print you may not. You can also always check with Medicaid to see if you qualify for free or low-cost coverage in the meantime.

Phyliss Wilkins on

Is the 90 day waiting period – 90 calendar days or 90 work days? on

90 days straight up. Not work days.

Adam on

I recently turned 26 so I will be getting off my parents insurance at the end of this month. I recently started a new job where there is a 90 day probationary period before health benefits are available. This period ends about 2 weeks after my time on my parents insurance runs out. Does my employer have to offer it to me earlier because of this? If not, would I have to pay a penalty for those few weeks in between?

yvonne on

Can I cancel my employer health insurance prior to my 90 day probation period? on

Generally speaking yes… although i’ve heard some employers aren’t actually offering an opt-out. So i’d always check with the employer.

JM on

Started new job on January 4, company had 2 full month waiting period before I could get on insurance. So I was not eligible until April 1st. Does this require me to pay penalty?