Do I have to Enroll to the Obama Care Since I’m from Puerto Rico?

I have a question in regards to the Obama Care enrollment. I’m a U.S. citizen and I’m coming from Puerto Rico. I got into San Antonio Texas in January 31st, 2015 to try to get a new job due to the economic job opportunity that I had in the island.

As of today I don’t have a job. These are my questions regarding to this matter:
1- Do I have to enroll into the Obama Care anyway?
2- I don’t have a permanent address in San Antonio yet. I’m temporary staying at a friends house in San Antonio until I find a job, If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll be returning back to Puerto Rico. Do I still have to enroll into this Obama Care Plan?
3- I don’t see Puerto Rico within the Obama Care states. Did Puerto Rico was included in this Obama Care Plan like any other states in US?
4- Do you have any phone number besides the 1-800-508-6754 where I can call to get further information and enroll into the Obama Care Plan just in case this apply to my existing situation?

I’ll appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

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Regarding individuals moving from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to the mainland, the answer given, by referencing the link “ObamaCare and immigration status” is confusing–perhaps even misleading–since Puerto Ricans are NOT immigrants but U.S. Citizens by birth.


Good call. The gist is PR doesn’t follow the same rules while you are there, but if you move to the mainland then you have to enroll via special enrollment or pay the fee. I removed the link as, even though it is a helpful resource, you are right, it was misleading.


Wha about if you get your retirement from Puert Rico and your exempt from Puerto Rico Taxes? Do you qualify for Obamacare here in the States if you live here now?


Qualifying for the Marketplace premium tax credits is almost always as simple as paying taxes in the US. If you file a 1040, then you can file an 8962 along with it (unless you fail to meet one of the other criteria, see link below). As a rule of thumb, if you are living in the states, then you should be able to claim tax credits.

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