I’m moving to another state because of my husbands schooling. I will be leaving my job where I’m currently insured. I am 4 months pregnant and will need health care as soon as I move. With Obama care, is there a way to temporarily extend my current health insurance? Will I just need to apply for health care through the market place?


Voluntary termination of employment still counts as losing your coverage and your job, thus you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period of at least 60 days.

The rule is losing employer coverage (or any other coverage) gives you 60 days to enroll in the Marketplace from the date you lose coverage. You can choose COBRA instead, but if you go with COBRA and miss the 60 day window you won't be able to switch to a Marketplace plan again until the next open enrollment period.

Please note that if you lose another coverage and want to switch to an employer plan outside of the employer's open enrollment period they must offer at least a 30 day (not 60 day, special enrollment period).

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