Hi I am about 59 Year old disabled lady living with my retired husband cannot afford private insurance, can I am eligible for obamacare insurance. Please reply


If you have a disability you can get ObamaCare. Cost assistance eligibility is based on household MAGI income, disability income can count toward MAGI. If your total income including SSDI, taxable disability insurance payments, and workers comp leave you with a MAGI of between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level then you qualify for cost assistance through ObamaCare's Health Insurance Marketplace. Medicaid works much the same way, you can also qualify for that based on MAGI if your state expanded.

If you have been on disability long enough then you will most likely qualify for Medicare. If you qualify for Medicare you can't get ObamaCare or Medicaid and must go with Medicare.

Please note: Please note some disability benefits aren't considered income, aren't taxable, and/or don't count toward MAGI. You can see a breakdown of each type at findlaw.com.

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Vali on

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There are no subjects answering my question on this site or the Affordable Healthcare sites that discuss Social Security Disability. There is a difference between SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance, the welfare program) and SSD (Social Security Disability). I am disabled and I collect Social Security Disability (not SSDI) and need to know if I need to add the nontaxable portion on my 1040 back in to my income reported on my joint tax return to determine my MAGI for determination of the cost and subsidy for my husband’s insurance.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

SSDI and SSD are all counted as income for ObamaCare. The only thing that doesn’t count is supplemental security income (SSI). (Line 20a minus 20b on a Form 1040). The non-taxable portion of your SSD counts towards your MAGI for ObamaCare and Medicaid.

We actually do have a breakdown of this on this page: https://obamacarefacts.com/modified-adjusted-gross-income-magi/

Robert Neil on

Actually? If you check on the state you live in? IF you are Disabled? You qualify for Medicare & Medicaid. (Medicaid) will set you up to where you only have to pay Medicaid when you need it, but not if you don’t. Like Missouri MO Health Plan. I pay $147 when I need it. But? Medicaid reimburses you for your Medicare Premiums. So you get your Full Amount of your SSDI. I just got a Cochlear Implant Surgery and Rehab? Is well over $100,000+ I just pay $147 a month, to cover what Medicare doesn’t. Meaning you’re 100% covered, and meds are only $3 at the most. Obamacare does not help as much as Medicare & Medicaid does. Obamacare is just a huge relief for reducing the price of your meds. I hope that helps you.

Diane on

Hello I am 63 years old. I am on disability from my work.My health insurance from my work will end November 2016 . I will not be able to afford private health insurance. What can I do? Thank you.

Peggy on

When I go to the website above findlaw.com it clearly says “your own private disability insurance benefits won’t count as income. In other words, if you’ve purchased your own disability insurance, your disability benefits aren’t subject to income tax. This is because you’ve paid the premium with your after-tax dollars. These benefits aren’t included as part of your MAGI when determining if you qualify for reduced premiums under Obamacare.”

Another spot on this website says the following …
I receive long term disability payment payments from aetna twice a month of $1046 each, they send me a w-2 for these payments, and are marked with a J code which is un-taxable insurance policy so when I bought my insurance from the healthcare.gov I claimed $25,000 but if it’s un-claimable is it income for my health care insurance cause on my next year’s taxes it will be zero.

ObamaCare’s tax credits are based on annual household income (filers MAGI plus dependents AGI). MAGI includes non-taxable disability payments. Third party sick pay, marked CODE J isn’t taxable and doesn’t have to be claimed (but is added to Modified Adjusted Gross Income). Therefore this money counts toward tax credits.

To qualify for tax credits MAGI must be between 100% – 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. So a taxable income of zero would be an issue, but your taxable income of about $25,000 is correct as a projection for HealthCare.Gov. Just make sure you are explaining your non-taxable income correctly when projecting income for HealthCare.Gov. At the end of the day, you are responsible for projecting your income correctly.

So… What is the correct answer to this question?

Gary Wells on

Can I get free help with prescription drugs if I draw 24672.00

Lyn on

Interesting. If I am disabled, on disability income, not able to work, how do I pay for insurance with a high deductible! If one is disabled, why can’t Medicare be available immediately since if they pd into it while working

Erin on

If you are on SSDI then you are qualified for Medicare (although there is a waiting period for those who are newly disabled) and you may also qualify for Medicaid assistance to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs of Medicare, but most states require a person to pay down their income to 100% of the federal poverty level on Medical expenses before Medicaid kicked in. This was not a new issue with the ACA and is actually a part of the Social Security Act, the ACA did create grants encouraging states to better cover their “dual eligible” residents and some states have begun covering 100% of this populations medical expenses (not many though). It’s definitely something that does need to improve a lot.

ELAshley on

I’m on disability. I receive 1,200 a month. But every person I speak to… through the healthcare.gov site, says I don’t qualify. In essence, I’m told I cannot receive “Obamacare.”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

1,200 x 12 = more than 100% of the poverty level.

So you should be able to qualify.

See here: https://obamacarefacts.com/questions/what-are-disability-requirements-for-magi/

mitch on

what is MAGA?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

MAGA is Trump’s “make America great again” slogan. MAGI is modified adjusted gross income.