Can I File Separate From Family If We Got Tax Credits?

I am currently a member on my parents insurance policy and they received the benefit of advanced payments of the premium tax credit. My mother received the 1095-A form and filed that with her taxes for the 2014 financial year. My wife and I filed our taxes jointly, independent of my parents or hers. I have received a letter stating that i Need to file an 8962 Form utilizing the 1095-A form from my mother. I do not understand why I need to do so when the policy is in my mothers name and she makes all the payments for the account. My younger siblings also filed their taxes independently of my parents. My brother was required to provide the 1095-A form but did not have to file the 8962 form. My sister wasn’t even asked to provide the 1095-A form. So I am confused as to why I need to fill the 8962 form or provide the 1095-A form when the policy is in my mothers name and she makes all the corresponding payments. I would appreciate any assistance offered.

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