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ACA Open Enrollment 2024 begins November 1st 2023: Dates, Changes, and Resources

It’s time for everyone to update their insurance plans The ACA Open Enrollment for 2024 is essential for individuals and families across the United States to re-evaluate their health insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be a cornerstone in availing healthcare coverage to a vast swath of the American populace. As we… Read More

The Rising Tide of Health Insurance Costs: Understanding the Recent Cost Surge

The Surge in Health Insurance Costs: A Comprehensive Analysis Inflation’s Impact on Health Costs: The health insurance landscape is undergoing significant changes. The average cost of workplace health insurance premiums for family coverage has escalated to nearly $24,000 this year. This marks a 7% increase from 2022, as revealed by the latest annual KFF survey… Read More

Understanding Medicare Part D: Enrollment and Costs in 2023

Introduction to Medicare Part D Medicare Part D, a program that offers outpatient prescription drug benefits, is a lifeline for older adults and individuals with long-term disabilities. These beneficiaries can enroll in private plans, including stand-alone prescription drug plans (PDPs) and Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans (MA-PDs). These plans supplement traditional Medicare and include drug… Read More

The Battle Over Medicare Advantage: Insights from Democratic U.S. Lawmakers and Universal Healthcare Advocates

“It is time to call out so-called Medicare Advantage for what it is,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro. This statement underscores the growing concern among Democratic U.S. lawmakers about Medicare Advantage. This program, essentially private insurance, has been accused of profiting by denying coverage and using the name of Medicare to trick our seniors. On July… Read More

Beyond ‘Repeal and Replace’: Understanding the House Republicans’ CHOICE Act

The House Republicans’ CHOICE Act has been making headlines recently, signaling a shift in the political landscape of health insurance. This legislation aims to reduce health insurance costs for specific businesses and consumers, partly by rolling back some consumer protections established under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. A Subtle Shift from “Repeal… Read More

Medicare Part B Premiums: A Potential Increase in 2024 Due to New Alzheimer’s Treatment

Retirees may need to brace themselves for a potential increase in one of their regular costs — Medicare Part B premiums — in 2024. This projected increase is primarily driven by a new Alzheimer’s treatment recently entering the market. The Projected Increase in Medicare Part B Premiums Earlier this year, the Medicare trustees projected that… Read More

The High Stakes of Prescription Medicine Pricing: Johnson & Johnson’s Lawsuit Against the U.S. Government

In a significant development, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) has taken legal action against the U.S. government. The healthcare giant seeks to prevent the enforcement of a new program that empowers Medicare to negotiate drug prices. This move makes Johnson & Johnson the latest drugmakers to rally against the policy. The Inflation Reduction Act and Its… Read More

Medicare Drug Price Negotiation: Improved Access and Affordability for Marginalized Populations

The Inflation Reduction Act’s Medicare drug price negotiation provision is set to revolutionize the affordability and accessibility of medications for millions of Americans. This groundbreaking reform is particularly significant for women, Black, Hispanic or Latino, LGBTQI+, and disabled beneficiaries who have historically faced challenges accessing necessary medications due to high costs. The Inflation Reduction Act:… Read More

Inflation Reduction Act in Spotlight: Chamber of Commerce Fights Medicare Price Negotiations

The Chamber of Commerce has stepped into the legal limelight. The organization recently filed a preliminary injunction against the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program. This move, falling under the auspices of the Inflation Reduction Act, is designed to halt the program’s progression while it is under judicial review. The reason behind this strategic action is… Read More

High-Spending Drugs and Their Role in Medicare Part D: Impact of the Drug Price Negotiation Program

The Inflation Reduction Act and the Drug Price Negotiation Program Under the Inflation Reduction Act, the federal government is now mandated to negotiate the price of high-spending drugs covered by Medicare Part D, the outpatient prescription drug benefit program, and Medicare Part B. This gave birth to the new Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Program, a… Read More

Rodgers and Guthrie Announce Health Subcommittee Hearing on the Future of Medicare

Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health, Brett Guthrie (R-KY), revealed the plans for a subcommittee hearing titled “Innovation Saves Lives: Evaluating Medicare Coverage Pathways for Innovative Drugs, Medical Devices, and Technology.” Medicare’s Evolution: The Chairs’ Vision The Chairs highlighted the urgency… Read More

Medicare to Cover Newly Approved Alzheimer’s Drug Leqembi

FDA Approves New Alzheimer’s Treatment The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved Biogen and Eisai Co. Ltd.’s Alzheimer’s treatment, Leqembi, also known as lecanemab. This ground-breaking drug is designed to reduce the buildup of amyloid beta plaque in the brain – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. This is a significant step forward, as… Read More

Medicare Advantage Reform: Addressing the Flaws of the Quality Bonus Program

The Medicare Advantage Quality Bonus Program (QBP) was born out of the Affordable Care Act and carried the expectation to revolutionize Medicare Advantage (MA) plans by reducing payments to MA organizations. However, according to the Urban Institute report, the program must still meet these expectations. The report highlights several instances where the QBP is found… Read More

Rural Communities at Risk: The Consequences of Medicare Cuts on Local Hospitals

Proposed Medicare cuts pose a significant risk to patients and communities nationwide. Challenges such as workforce shortages, rising costs, and supply chain disruptions have already strained America’s hospitals and health systems. These institutions play a vital role in providing quality and accessible care 24/7, meeting the needs of communities in times of illness and crisis…. Read More

The Inflation Reduction Act: How the HHS and Medicare are Combating High Prescription Drug Prices

In a groundbreaking move, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced actions to reduce healthcare costs significantly. This move is part of the implementation of President Biden’s lower-cost prescription drug law – the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This law has already started to provide financial relief to covered seniors and people… Read More

Proposed Legislation Promises Revolutionary Changes in Cancer Detection for Medicare Recipients

Early detection is crucial in a world where cancer remains a leading cause of death. That is the aim of the Multi-Cancer Early Detection Bill, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that can potentially change the landscape of cancer screenings in the United States. The bill, introduced in the Senate, seeks to increase equitable access to… Read More

Major Reforms Proposed for Social Security and Medicare by the Republican Study Committee

A Groundbreaking Proposal The Republican Study Committee (RSC), a group that includes 175 GOP members of the U.S. House of Representatives, has recently proposed two substantial changes to Social Security and Medicare as part of their federal budget for the fiscal year 2024. These proposals represent significant shifts in the structure and delivery of these… Read More

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs: The Biden-Harris Administration’s New Tools for Extra Help

The Biden-Harris Administration recently unveiled new tools to lower prescription drug costs for low-income seniors and people with disabilities. These tools focus on expanding the Extra Help program, a vital initiative that provides financial assistance for individuals enrolled in Medicare Part D. This program is a lifeline for many people, helping to cover their Medicare… Read More

Merck Challenges the US Government: A Constitutional Debate Over Medicare’s Drug Price Negotiation Program

Merck vs. The US Government: The Lawsuit Explained Pharmaceutical giant Merck has filed a lawsuit against the US Government, taking issue with a newly-implemented program under the Medicare system that allows for the negotiation of drug prices. The program is a provision of the Inflation Reduction Act, a recent law that has raised contentious debates… Read More

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